Are The Cases on “Money Court” Fake?

Are The Cases on “Money Court” Fake?

Are The Cases on “Money Court” Fake?

Judge Judy didn’t become part of the hundreds of millions of dollars in the bank club because of her job as a judge. She earned her net worth by being a judge on a television show who has the most memorable one-liners and phrases. It also doesn’t her that her lack of patience for stupidity is what everyone strives to accomplish in their own lives. Courtroom television shows are big business, and they make people famous. Thankfully, for judges like Judge Judy and Judge Joe Brown and Money Court and more, there are plenty of people in the world who lack common sense, basic decency, and who are just petty enough to head to court because they’re mad at their ex (we are not saying that some cases are not entirely justified…but you know what we mean). But, are they real?

Sometimes, You Wonder

Sometimes, you sit down and find yourself falling into a black hole of courtroom shows on television. The things that people bring in front of the judge in question are so outlandish, so outrageous, and so exceptionally petty that they cannot in any capacity be real, can they? It’s a question many people ask as they watch people speaking, and it’s one that is difficult to answer. While we’d like to think that these people cannot be this ridiculous and these must be scripted shows, we’ve also witnessed enough in our everyday lives to realize that, yes, in fact, there are people in the world who are this absolutely ridiculous. That’s when we find ourselves wondering if, perhaps, these are real people and real problems.

The Truth About Money Court

Money Court is slightly different than that of Judge Judy’s courtroom. For one, it’s a show created by a Shark Tank famous man – Kevin O’Leary. The show consists of an arbitrator and two people who cannot get along in their business relationships. It’s not uncommon, but are they real people having real issues as they sit before Kevin? Don’t believe everything you see. Sometimes, you see real stories. Sometimes, you see stories that are based on real stories and manipulated to appear more dramatic and interesting. Sometimes, they’re solely fabricated stories designed to increase ratings and make the big bucks for the creator of the show. You just never know. According to Distractify, one writer by the name of Harmon Leon applied for a courtroom show by making up a totally crazy story to see if it would make it onto television. It did. He was chosen to appear on the show “Judge Joe Brown,” after approximately no one verified the truth of his story.

The Truth Lies in Production

At the end of the day, it seems that production companies are left to find out what is real, what is not, and to vet the people that they are asking to appear on their shows. So, if there is a case on Money Court or any other show that does not seem real, you may be witnessing a situation in which the production company and those who are in charge of vetting guests on these shows failed to verify stories or even do a basic check on the person who they invited to be on the show. It really is not a fool-proof plan by any means, but it does not appear to be that much of problem for anyone.

There will always be people who want to make up stories about their businesses so that they can appear on television. Why? Well, when you own a business, being on television and having millions of people learn the name of your company, potentially look you up online, follow your business’s social media accounts, and more is not a bad thing. Remember that old saying? All press is good press?

The Moral of the Story

The moral of the story here is that you cannot believe everything you see. You cannot believe that all the courtroom cases you see on television are real, but you also cannot assume they are not. For every fake story someone made up for their own fifteen minutes of fame is a legit story that someone is really living – or so we assume. Honestly, we simply do not know if the dramas are real, if they are fake, if they are somewhat fabricated, or even if the people behind the bench are aware that they are potentially dealing with fakers. What we do know, though, is that it makes for excellent television.Shark Tank

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