Appreciating the Voice Acting Work of Shelby Rabara

Appreciating the Voice Acting Work of Shelby Rabara

Shelby Rabara has voiced one character that she’s been credited for and that’s Peridot of Steven Universe. The character started out as an antagonist since she wanted to kill the Gems and Steven, but over time she’s managed to bond somewhat with the Gems in an effort to become less of a villain and more of an ally. That being said, she’s one of many characters on the show that people happen to like for various reasons and she’s helped to make Shelby’s career in a way that allows Shelby to be more rounded and able to perform on a different level. Voice acting after all is real acting, minus the on screen presence. It’s not as though a voice actor is phoning their act in, they have to own their personality as much as any other actor does and more to the point they have to be every bit as on point as other actors since their voices have to be at the right tone and pitch and their timing has to be on as well. A voice actor has to put just as much personality into their character as any other actor, and it shows in many ways since those that act in a flat and rather dull manner don’t tend to last very long.

Shelby is a live-action actor as well so she knows very well what it takes to light up the stage in both styles and can do so without too much trouble. Steven Universe has been seen as a rather mixed bag of kid and adult content that manages to attract children and adults since it still has the animated qualities of a good cartoon and yet it deals with subject matter that is a little more suited to adults sometimes. It’s a blend that isn’t always perfect but has managed to draw a huge fan base throughout its run thus far. The fact that Shelby is a part of this is pretty impressive since anytime a show like this takes off it means that the actors have already figured out just what is needed to make it work or have to catch up fast and find a way to make their characters work so that they continue on with the show. There have after all been those shows back in animated history that have attempted to switch out voice actors and have found that the fans are a little more discerning than that and will catch the difference.

Shelby’s had nothing to worry about however since her work ethic and her ability to slip into the role of Peridot have been seamless. She knows how to get the job done and she knows how to slip into the voice of the character without hesitation and deliver when she’s asked to. That indicates her willingness to dedicate herself to this role, which is her most current actually and the only one that it seems she’s been working on as of late. She has managed to establish herself as an actor throughout the years and has a fairly impressive resume but anytime a person can go from live acting to voice acting and back again it shows that they have more than middling talent and are capable of giving fans a lot more than anyone originally thought. This is a part of what makes a successful actor no matter that some individuals seem to get lost in the shuffle.

In fact it’s safe to say that people who get into voice acting are just as impressive as other actors, they just don’t get the screen time. Those that do both voice and live acting however seem to have a much different perspective on the whole, as they’ve seen what it takes in both venues and are no doubt more comfortable in one while they tend to tolerate or at least can slide into the role of the other. Voice acting does have its advantages since it’s not in front of a camera and thereby not forcing the individual to do anything but speak so that the audience can hear them. Of course exposure is a big part of how actors make their living and manage to gain the attention and adoration of fans. But this is where live acting coupled with voice acting is advantageous. People love to hear actors they know voicing animated shows and movies.  It’s a treat to recognize some of your favorite actors in animated shows as their voice hits your ears and teases you with the idea that you know who they are.

Shelby Rabara is quite honestly a very talented woman and while she’s only had one voice role she’s still done well enough to earn a great deal of appreciation and the kind of notice that will make her career shine just a little brighter.

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