Another Ocean’s Eleven Remake is Coming

Another Ocean’s Eleven Remake is Coming
Another Ocean’s Eleven Remake is Coming

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Another Ocean’s Eleven remake is coming, and this time it will star Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. It’s fair to state that this remake sounds extraneous. But the casting already has enough people ready to see what happens. 

Going back to the 1960s, this movie is apparently going to take place in Europe, which is kind of odd. If anyone remembers, the original with Frank Sinatra and his group took place in Las Vegas. The premise goes that a group of WWII buddies pulled together to pull off a heist. 

Of course, in the original, there were 5 targeted casinos, not just 3 massive casinos. Plus, there was no elaborate vault that drew people in. Given that the 1960s version was created with simple effects, the story itself had to conform to this. 

As a result, this might make a lot of people wonder what will happen with this movie. Gosling and Robbie are hot commodities in Hollywood at the moment. It’s not tough to think why they were cast. But at the same time, they’re following an ensemble cast that stood out as one of the best. It’s possible this movie will do well, but it’s way too early for any certainty. 

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Ocean’s 8 made it clear that the ensemble cast is not a sure thing

The ensemble cast of the first remake with George Clooney and Brad Pitt was great for many reasons. It introduced a dynamic that people enjoyed. There were plenty of individual characters that could do their own thing and remain part of the group. The main story was always right there beneath every scene. 

Ocean’s 8 felt disjointed somehow, as though it wasn’t certain of itself as a movie. The cast didn’t come together as they needed to, except in spurts. Plus, it was a rough copy of the remake that had come before it. 

The sad thing about Ocean’s 8 is that it had an all-star cast. But that wasn’t enough since the whole thing failed to vibe as a single organism. That’s what Ocean’s 11, the original and the remake, managed to do. The story has to come first, and the individuals come second. It’s already easy to wonder if this next remake will manage to do this. 

Gosling and Robbie are suited to such a movie, thankfully

Working with an ensemble cast isn’t anything new to either actor. But where many actors have been able to work with every other character, Gosling and Robbie usually stand out. This is to say that they end up looking like the star in an impressive cast rather than just another part of the cast. 

There’s also the idea that despite their ability to take on various roles, both actors have a default. It’s easy to state that every actor has a default that they show quite often. The hope is that both actors will find the persona they need to turn into a role that’s unique and adapted to this story. 

Even Clooney is guilty of this since his Danny Ocean persona has appeared in other movies. Pitt has managed to change things up with a lot of roles since, for example, Tyler Durden is almost nothing like Rusty. But this is what helps to make the movie successful, the dynamic between the characters. Not only that, but the overall manner of the characters helps a lot. 

Another Ocean’s Eleven Remake is Coming

credit: Ocean’s Eleven

The witty banter and back-and-forth dialogue is needed

This is another part of why the first remake was so great. The back-and-forth banter between Danny and Rusty helped the movie to work. Not only that, but the rest of the cast made this work as well. From Scott Caan and Casey Affleck’s brother act to Bernie Mack and virtually anyone he spoke to. 

Even the dialogue between Benedict, aka Andy Garcia, and Danny was great since there was a great deal of emotion. Dialogue is insanely important in a movie, and thus far, the only Ocean’s movie that didn’t come through in this manner was Ocean’s 8. 

There’s a lot of faith in Robbie and Gosling since they both know something about snappy dialogue. 

The bar for success is rather high with this idea

The Ocean’s Eleven ideas have seen success and criticism over the years since the original was first released. The remake was well-liked by many people. Despite not being as praised, the two sequels that followed were still well-liked. Ocean’s 8 was not a total failure, but it definitely didn’t live up to the movies that it followed. 

At the moment, it does feel as though this movie is riding high with the casting of Gosling and Robbie. If the story takes on its own feel with only a name to link it to the original, that will no doubt help its chances to succeed. 

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