Angry Neighbors is Perfect for the Modern Era

Angry Neighbors is Perfect for the Modern Era
Angry Neighbors is Perfect for the Modern Era

Credit: Angry Neighbors

It’s usually quite nice if a person can retire and find a quiet spot in the country or elsewhere, somewhere that is quaint and doesn’t have a huge population. But it’s easy to forget that once one person finds this type of place, many others are bound to follow since humans are social creatures that feel the need to gather in crowds in areas they find appealing. Harry March finds this out in Angry Neighbors as the retired author soon finds the tranquil nature of his home disturbed when a millionaire moves in across the way and decides to build a ridiculously sized mansion that not only breaks up the scenery but seriously disturbs his peace of mind that he’d likely thought he had earned after so long. The comedy of this movie comes from the idea that a lot of people have had to deal with that one annoying neighbor in their life that somehow wrecks the tranquility that the neighbor had wanted to keep and must be dealt with. On one end, it’s easy to feel sorry for Harry since trying to get some peace and quiet in this world comes at a rather high premium, but it’s also easy to think that Harry is the epitome of the angry white men that don’t like change and are bound to do anything they can to get revenge on those that disturb them in some way. 

The idea of getting mad at progress is a sticky issue that’s hard to argue from either side.

It’s easy to understand both perspectives since having to deal with a neighbor that has construction going is severely annoying, especially if one is the type of person that likes peace and quiet and was fully enjoying it until the neighbor arrived. But on the other side, people are allowed to enjoy the same general region, and a house that’s under construction is going to be the subject of a lot of noise since there’s no silent mode on a lot of the tools that are needed to construct a home. Sympathizing with Harry tends to mean that one might be seen as a boomer that doesn’t know how to deal with progress and doesn’t want to admit that change is a way of life. But again, siding with the millionaire could mean that one lacks the proper respect for their neighbors and thinks only of themselves. That’s a tough one, to be honest, but there are plenty of points that could be used to reach a compromise, at least in real life. 

The movie does bring up a lot of feelings that support and vilify what the main character is trying to do. 

Harry comes off as a rather angry and irritable guy, and he even admits that it’s true since he’s not the type of guy that appears to care about what people think. Stockard Channing’s character even appears to be fed up with him but still deals with the guy for reasons that haven’t been revealed yet. But when it appears that Harry is going to do something drastic to keep his neighbor from celebrating in his home, it would appear that he has truly gone off the deep end. Trying to predict what’s going to happen in this movie isn’t too hard, but trying to nail down the details would require watching it. That could be a good time since Frank Langella is a great enough actor to make just about any role work, and it’s fair to think that this movie would be interesting to a lot of people from a social standpoint, but it might require the suspension of one’s biases to really enjoy it. 

Angry Neighbors is Perfect for the Modern Era

Credit: Angry Neighbors

The fact that Harry talks to his dog is kind of a red flag that he might not be all there. 

Hearing Cheech Marin’s voice as the dog is enough to make one wonder what’s really going on with Harry or if this movie has a hidden aspect to it that isn’t fully revealed in the trailer. Whatever it is, the comedy that’s ready to be unleashed does feel as though it’s bound to be something that some people will understand fully and others will be struggling with when they watch it. Some comedy is a bit too smart for its own good at times, but hopefully, this movie will make the humor accessible enough that people will figure it out eventually. 

As a comedy, it feels like something that might be worth watching at least once. 

The cast and the story look as though they’re going to conspire to make a movie that’s going to be worth the effort of watching. That’s plain enough. The comedy aspect of the movie is bound to be tough to get into, but from the look of the trailer, it does feel that the funny moments are likely to reach out and slap the senses without warning. That’s good enough. 

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