Andor: Episodes 1-3-Recap

Andor: Episodes 1-3-Recap
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It’s evident at this point that well before Rogue One, Andor was kind of a pain in the neck to a lot of people. One could say that he means well and that he has a well-defined purpose, but somehow, Cassian Andor still ends up short-changing people when they need him the most. In a perfect world, he might be a different person, someone that might be reliable and not just a problem solver, but before his time with the Rebellion came along, it does appear that Andor was more of a survivor, a salvage, and anything else he needed to be in order to survive. A native of the world of Kenari, Cassian appears to have been disdainful of technology at first, but after being taken by the woman who would take care of him, he learned how to use it to his best advantage. Still, it’s very easy to see that he grew up as the type of person who, despite having a heart for those he cares about, is very rough around the edges. He has no love for the Empire, but he also loathes to trust anyone that he hasn’t known for a while. 

Andor' Season One, Episode 3 Recap

credit: Star Wars

From the first episode, it’s clear that he knows how to fight and how to kill. 

No one can say that Andor is a weakling since even if the two guards he killed were drunk, they still outnumbered him and had the drop on him to start with. His foray into a corporate sector to find his sister didn’t go exactly as he’d planned, but the ramifications became even bigger when an overzealous investigator decided that sweeping the matter under the rug wasn’t good enough. It’s not tough to think that those in the employ of the Empire could find just about anyone, but it’s also easy to see that Cassian isn’t that simple to find, especially since it’s shown that he’s residing in an area that is notorious for warning their own people when trouble is around. So far, it would appear that Cassian’s story isn’t steeped in glory but is holding true to what’s been seen in Rogue One. 

There isn’t a lot of trust involved between the characters at this time. 

From the stories given during the pre-Empire days, there isn’t a lot of trust shared between a lot of individuals since to do so is often to stretch out one’s own neck while handing the next person a knife. Cassian and the others in this story appear to function on this premise since the fact that they remain cagey with each other is enough to make it clear that trusting a person requires a great deal of faith as well as work since otherwise, everyone is a stranger and needs to be kept at arm’s length. Even when it comes to those who have known each other for years, it’s easy to see that trust is not a commodity that is freely given. When Cassian is outed by the corporation whose employees he killed, it’s even more apparent that his ties aren’t as strong to those he knows since one of them decides to rat him out, proving that trust isn’t something that needs to be freely given. 

Star Wars: How 'Andor' Became Lucasfilm's TV Series for Grown-Ups - Variety

credit: Star Wars

Cassian’s pre-Rebellion days appear to have him on the run a lot. 

It’s a wonder that Cassian ever survived to become a Rebel, given that he’s seen to be rather reckless during these first three episodes, but it’s not too tough to think that the Rebellion would have eyes on him after seeing what he could do. The fact that he was contacted by someone that is working against the Empire feels like more luck than anything since the item that Cassian stole and attempted to sell is obviously something of importance but not so great that the spy would be willing to sacrifice himself or Cassian when the corporate guards were closing in. So far, this series does make it clear that it’s geared more to adults than to children, as the grimy and very hard-edged story that’s been created makes it apparent that Andor will visit a few very dark places in the Star Wars universe. 

As a new show, it’s still interesting to think of where it will go. 

The types of adventures that Cassian will manage to find are bound to show how and why he became the Rebel agent that he was in Rogue One since it’s fair to say that he was kind of ruthless in his dealings with others. It feels as though there should be plenty to explain why he became such a hard-edged individual, and so far, it would appear that he’s simply been a survivor for most of his life. 

Cassian is an interesting character, even if he’s not entirely unique. 

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