An L.A. Law Sequel Series in Development with Blair Underwood

Law enforcement and court shows have been a huge draw for a lot of people over the years and it’s been more than evident since plenty of people have had their favorites that they’ve clung to and happen to think are the best of the best. L.A. Law was one of those for a while since it happened to take on some of the toughest subjects that people could think of and did so with the kind of fire and passion that a lot of viewers wanted to see. Blair Underwood, who came in during season 2 of the show, is going to be coming back for the reboot in the same role, that of Jonathan Rollins. The really interesting part of this character is that when the show first aired he was young and extremely idealistic, which, like it or not, is very typical of those that are still of a certain age and despite what they’ve seen in their lives are able to hold onto the idea that the world can make sense if people are willing to work together. Once people get old enough and gain more experience they come to find that the world won’t change for them, but that people will return to the same old, same old more often than they’ll enact a revolution of any type. Change is possible, and it does happen, but as many shows have depicted, the status quo is an unfortunate part of life that is typically fought for by many.

In the reboot, it does sound as though Blair’s character will be a little more conservative in his views as one might expect since it’s possible to remain idealistic as one gets older, but it sometimes comes at the expense of reason and logic, meaning that the more a person fights against the world, the more that they’ll attempt to convince themselves that the world they live in, the one they control, is what is real, while the rest of the world is just waiting to see the truth. In other words, people that think they are ‘woke’ are often those that have not yet accepted that life is a very hard and unforgiving process that each person goes through, and when it comes court shows things aren’t always fair and just no matter what happens or how much it might appear that the wrong person wins a case. When taking the time to consider just how social justice has been such a big part of the current era it’s easy to think that the show might be switching gears this time around in order to take on as many current issues as possible and will likely fit the pandemic into the mix as well since there hasn’t been one single facet of life that hasn’t been touched by the pandemic, and within the courtroom, many people are still affected since the need to social distancing is something that has been seen to break down in some instances, making it a rather hypocritical matter, but in the courtroom, social distancing is no doubt thought to be entirely possible.

Taking into account everything that’s happened since the show first went off the air, one has to think that there will be many matters that will be brought up that can keep the show going for a while this time around. But seeing how Blair’s character will handle himself in this new era will be very intriguing since one has to imagine that after all a lawyer sees in their career, there are bound to be many things that will change them, and Blair is likely going to have to convey this through the evolution of his character as he takes on new issues and has to deal with his character’s experiences, the way the show will change, and the world that it will occupy now. It’s fair to say that no one saw this mess coming over a decade ago, no matter how many preventative measures were put into place for it. The chance that anyone could have predicted the pandemic perfectly is next to none, and as everything has changed within the course of a year, it’s likely that the shows we see come to the small screen are going to do the same to reflect what people have been and are going through at this point. One thing that does need to be said is that even if Blair’s character turns more conservative, it’s only an acceptance of how the world is, not how it could be.

There are bound to be quite a few fans that will be anxiously awaiting the return of this show since some might not have felt that it was given a proper sendoff. But how it’s received is something we’ll have to wait and see.

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