An Analyst Thinks Coronavirus Might Actually Be Bad for Netflix


The coronavirus will be dominating the news cycles for a while obviously and now it’s affecting our entertainment as sports have already been widely affected and now even Netflix is apparently going to be affected as Billy Givens of We Got This Covered reveals. One might wonder just how this could be since people avoiding other people might do wonders for Netflix n Chill, right? But the problem here is that people being told to stay home if they’re sick, or being told to stay home just to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, are going to be coming up against one very big problem, and that’s the fact that if they don’t work, then their priorities when it comes to spending will change in a big way. This means that eventually, many people are going to be ‘trimming the fat’ as the saying goes and will no doubt start to debate just what’s a luxury and what’s a necessity. Unfortunately while this is very real and doesn’t offer a happy ending for those that can’t work, it’s also another bit of fear-mongering by the media as it makes the mega-leap from problem to worst-case scenario in a very short amount of time. It is a problem for those that spend without thinking of how they can afford everything they want, but for those that are a little more frugal it might be possible to keep the service around for a while. But sadly, a lot of people don’t think like this.

Instead the prediction that the coronavirus will hurt Netflix is coming from the idea that people will cancel their subscriptions to save that extra fifteen dollars a month that obviously can go to something a little more worthwhile when absolutely every dollar is vital to survival. This is a pretty bleak outlook on life however and something that might denote that people who have a Netflix subscription would be wise to abandon it the moment that they can’t work any longer. Emily McCormick of Yahoo has more to say on the subject. It’s also feeling like a knee-jerk reaction at this point since despite the reality of no work being a big sticking point with a lot of people, and rightly so, a lot of folks are jumping to conclusions without taking the time to think of any alternatives that could help them out. For instance, CLEANING and PERSONAL HYGIENE are two big ways to help from spreading the disease, though somehow this appears to have come as a shock to some people that cleaning up and keeping their bodies clean might actually be a novel idea these days. It’s amazing how something so simple can at least be used as a method to try and prevent the disease, and yet people are having a hard time with it.

Right now the coronavirus is gripping the world in a way that several diseases in the past two decades haven’t been able to do, and it’s shutting down the way that people live in a big way. Not being able to work, schools being closed, sporting events being postponed or canceled, and one bit of news after another from a media that is exploiting this pandemic for all its worth, all of it is becoming tiresome even if the virus needs to be talked about. Jeffry Bartash of MarketWatch has an interesting take on the impact of the virus. It’s not hard to see how priorities could take over when thinking about what’s more important, food, bills, house payments, or Netflix, but as I’ve said more than once now, panic is the tool of the media and it’s been employing that tool in a big way thus far as the virus continues to spread and people are doing whatever they can to avoid other people and areas with large concentrations of people. At some point there might even be those who believe that being online with others is the safest way to be as it would help to keep a distance between individual that allow for the prevention of the virus being spread. There are bound to be a great many crazy ideas that pops into the heads of those that want to believe that the virus will ‘kill us all’ and that there’s no hope, but one thing that I and many others would urge people to do is this: look out the window, take note that the world is still here and there are still people living without fear of what’s going to happen. The world has a million and more ways to kill us, and a deadly disease is only one. If you’re willing to let one thing that can harm you stop living in the same manner as usual then there’s nothing to stop the rest of the world’s ills from affecting your mindset in some way.

Netflix isn’t a huge priority for everyone, that’s a given, but it’s not bound to just go away.

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