America’s Got Talent: Final Auditions and Nick Cannon hits Golden Buzzer?!

America's Got Talent

It’s the final audition before the Judges Cuts episode next week on America’s Got Talent. That said, it should go out with a bang, right? After watching the episode tonight, however, I wasn’t too blown away by the acts.

I spent half of the episode not paying too much attention as act after act performed on the stage. Some of the acts were alright, like the dance troupe The Outlawz, and Cody the Twirler. They’re okay to watch, but they’re not exactly live show/Vegas headliner material. The second half of the episode, on the other hand, captured my full attention.

Steven Brundage’s Rubik’s Cube magic act had me completely baffled. I don’t know what he did, but it made me believe in magic that much more. I was paraphrasing/yelling at the television a quote from Howard Wolowitz from The Big Bang Theory: “Believe in magic, you Muggles!”

Daniel Joyner’s performance of Otis Redding’s “Try A Little Tenderness” was a bit shaky at first, but after he had got over his nerves, he belted out the song and impressed the judges. I think that he could be the next Michael Buble if he makes it to the live show at Radio City Music Hall. Maybe the man himself would team up with Joyner in a live performance? You never know what the people at AGT could pull off!

I also thought The Passing Zone’s act was borderline shocking. The timing of the jump was spot on. Oh, did I mention that the latter did it while standing over Howie Mandel? #CheckYourPantsHowie

The final act of the evening is 90-year-old dancer Dorothy Williams. I applaud her charisma for coming to audition, but her performance didn’t captivate me to make me go “wow”. Granted, she got a Golden Buzzer from Nick Cannon, who predicted that Williams would be a star, but I have a sinking feeling that she will not be the one who will win the entire competition.

An amusing moment from the episode was when RL Bell performed. He took his coat off to reveal his well-toned muscles. The camera then cut to a man sitting in the audience who did not look too impressed with Bell’s lithe physique. If I could read minds, I’d say that the man seated in the audience would be thinking “I got two words for this guy. The first one is ‘big’, and the other is ‘whoop’”.

I’m looking forward to watching the Judges’ Cuts episode next week. Celebrity guest judges Reba McEntire, George Lopez, Neo and One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson, will take part in eliminating acts. They can send an act straight through to the live show as they get the chance to hit the Golden Buzzer. Things are about to get real. Very real.

Photo via NBC

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