Five American Idol Cover Performances Better Than the Original

American Idol is a show that has given birth to some of the best musical talents we could ever ask for such as Jenifer Hudson, Fantasia, Daughtry and many more. While we crave for originality, sometimes doing something that other people already have can also turn out great. Take for instance the following five American Idol covers which we consider to be the best in the history of the show.

1. Kelly Clarkson “Stuff Like That There”

Kelly Clarkson has made a name for herself ever since winning on “American Idol” seventeen years ago. That opened doors for the artiste who released hit after hit although most of her songs are about breakups you can only think that she has had her heart broken so many times that she will never give love a try. However, she is married to Brandon Blackstock, so maybe sometimes a song is just a song, and we should not read so much into it.

One of her best performances while on American idol is “Stuff Like That There” by Bette Midler who released the song in 1945. Kelly must have been on a mission to outdo herself with this classic because she went all out not only in her outfit which had polka dots but also through her hair that was straight out of those ancient days. She did the song justice, and as always did not disappoint by throwing herself into the song completely.

2. Jordin Sparks “ I Who Have Nothing”

When Jordin Sparks took to the stage, no one could believe she was just a teenager with such a voice, but if in love age is nothing but a number then the saying should also apply to talent because Jordin proved it true. While other contestants like Candice Glover and Haley Reinhart also did their renditions of this song, Jordin’s was heartfelt. Maybe that is the reason she became the winner in 2007 at only 17 and made history in the series for being the youngest to take home the prize. Jordin has since become a superstar in her own right by not only writing her songs and giving them life through her amazing voice, but she also is an actress. “I who have nothing” was performed by Shirly Bassey in 1961 but the emotions in the song never grow old.

3 Chris Daughtry “I Walk The Line”

Chris Daughtry was headed for great things; therefore even when we got the rude shock of his elimination, we knew the star was shining brightly for the rock artiste. Rock bands such as Fuel were already knocking on his door asking him to be their lead vocalist, but Chris turned them down after the elimination. He had other things in mind like starting his rock band, Daughtry, which has put him on the global map. When he sang “I Walk the line” by Johnny Cash, judges praised him for making the song his own although the low notes were a bit off. Daughtry did an impressive version that even Ed Kowalczyk acknowledged the talent in Chris and wished him the best.

4. Adam Lambert “ Mad World”

Adam Lambert took his performances on a heavenly level and made it look so easy that anyone could believe they can sing, sort of Ratatouille with “anyone can cook.” It was not just his voice but his entire look, and composure and even watching him for the first time would have anyone know that he was destined for greatness. Why he did not win, we still do not understand though some believe it was a twist of fate to ensure he walked down a different path from other winners who have not made use of their talents.

When Adam went on stage and sang “Mad World” dressed in all black and the stage all set for the performance, it was perfect. Gary Jules, who also did a cover of the song in his 2001 album, thought that sooner or later someone would perform it and he is thankful that Adam did. Adam made it an even better version, and anyone who listens to his rendition will fall in love with the song, or it is it with Adam? Maybe both.

5. Constantine Maraoulis “Bohemian Rhapsody”

Constantine confessed that he was a drummer before being a singer; maybe that is why he preferred the instrumentals in this song “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Even Paula acknowledged that it is through this rendition that he proved he was a worthy contestant who also had undergone a lot of growth. He ended up being the sixth finalist, but this cover goes down as one of the best performances he ever did on the show.

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