American Horrory Story: Inside-Recap

Here’s a good question: do we still ‘like Ike’? In the defense of President Eisenhower, in the show anyway, one could say that he didn’t have an easy choice to make when it came to dealing with the aliens since they proved that they can be a bit deadly when they flex their will. Seeing more than one human head explode with little more than a thought would be a bit disconcerting to anyone. But to a person whose responsibility includes every single one of his fellow Americans, it would be a devastating choice. So far it would appear that the aliens aren’t exactly willing to negotiate in a way that would be entirely beneficial to the human race, apart from letting them live of course. But the fear of the aliens taking their technology and influence to another country, Russia being the big fear at the moment, is a consideration that Ike has to take into account as well since the thought is that Russia wouldn’t have such a moral quandary when it came to advancing itself over another country. Decisions, decisions. 

Obviously, since this episode moves forward to show not just JFK, but also Marilyn Monroe, who tends to come up in conversation from time to time when Kennedy is mentioned, it’s obvious that Ike made the decision and decided to tell very few people about it. But if one is into conspiracy theories that are out of this world, literally in some cases, then they might have felt a bit amused that the assassination of JFK was in response to his desire to divulge the secret of the alien pact to the wrong people. It would appear that Richard Nixon was all for it in this episode and that Ike is conflicted in a way that is easy to understand. On top of that, he has to deal with the fact that the aliens have possessed his wife and have been manipulating him and others through her at the same time. Much as it’s happened in many movies and shows, the aliens are so far beyond humanity that fighting them appears to be futile, and their desire to integrate into human society is something that needs to be accepted rather than fought against. 

That’s not to say that the quartet that the audience met in the previous episode would agree, since the two women and two men became pregnant after a strange encounter on the road, and as of now, the pregnancies have come so far along in such a short amount of time that it would be fair to say that anyone would be freaking out at this time. It’s also fair to state that any ultrasound technician might react the way the woman did in this episode, but sadly she didn’t get to last long given that government agents showed up to terminate her and abduct the four friends, taking them to a location that appears to be designated for those that have been similarly impregnated, where it would appear they might have hit the end of the line if they don’t have what it takes to become regular producers. The reveal near the end of the episode of a half-human, half-alien hybrid was a good indication that things might not always go the way they’re supposed, or perhaps it means that the aliens are getting closer to the desired cross between the species. 

However it’s seen, AHS has definitely taken another step forward when it comes to horror since one of the most obvious questions when it came to the impregnated men was ‘How is this thing coming out of me?’ was about to be answered as the credits started rolling. First, let’s admit that there’s a good reason why men can’t give birth, and it’s not an inadequate exit point for a child. The thing is, men are not equipped for childbirth, since the only way that something is coming out of a man’s body in this instance is through their torso, which means a C-section, or as it would appear in this case, the ‘child’ clawing its way out of the unfortunate male. It doesn’t appear that Troy will be sticking around that much longer since if his pregnancy does end with his child ripping its way out of him, even AHS can’t really justify bringing him back unless there’s some way to repair what’s about to happen. 

To be fair, Death Valley is, so far, a little less appealing than Red Tide, but it’s also a very different story in a very different location. For those that love stories about alien abduction and conspiracies of this nature, it’s probably very enjoyable. But for one reason or another, Death Valley might have been better off being shown first. There are still a few more episodes to go though, so perhaps things will pick up at some point. 

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