American Horror Story Episode Three: The Heart’s Filthy Lesson

American Horror Story Episode Three: The Heart's Filthy LessonTonight’s American Horror Story dropped a plethora of back story and reveals on us tonight, and while you would think the information dump would clarify some things, it does the complete opposite.

Don’t Make Me Kill You Again

So Constance did kill Moira for sleeping with her husband back in 1983. While we knew the two women had some sort of history of sorts, especially one involving a man and an affair gone wrong. The twists of the reveal however were that 1) Moira’s soul can’t escape the House no matter what she does and 2) that Constance was once a resident of the House, which explains how she gets into the House so deftly without being noticed. Popular theory on the internet was that Constance was also a victim/ghost of the House’ past. However, I personally believe that last week’s episode pretty much solved that mystery by showing Constance and Adelaide in their own house next door. Although the question remains on why would Constance want to get a house next door to the place where she committed a double murder and knows is haunted?

Twist #3 came in the form of Moira actually being innocent in her part in Constance’s husband’s affair. He attacked her and she didn’t seduce him in any aspect whatsoever. Moira’s maid uniform wasn’t even the sexy number Young Moira wears to seduce Ben nowadays. It would explain why Moira is dead (no pun intended) scared of Constance, but it doesn’t answer why. If Moira is dead and buried, then what power could Constance have over her other than being the woman who took her life? There is a lot to play with here and I honest to God do not think that we have the true full story on this particular matter.

One other thing, maybe the House took this sensual version of Moira as a means to manifest her guilt from the first time she slept with Constance’s husband, using that “slutty” side of her as a tool to lure the later male residents/visitors of the House. Notice that the detective who came to the House also saw Young Moira, which means that any man who enters the House will have the same mental image of her as Ben does. This could open up a floodgate of new avenues to explore later on down the line.

Finally, did you heart not go out for Moira as she saw her body being unburied, reburied, and then sealed away under Ben’s gazebos for God knows how long? If my supernatural lore is correct, having her bones removed probably would’ve had released her from the House’s clutches. Then again, the rules we (I) am used to might not apply here any more. Hell, have any rules been established for American Horror Story yet?

Let The Bodies Hit The Floor

Every time Ben does something it seems that he screws it up even more trying to correct it. American Horror Story Episode Three: The Heart's Filthy LessonFirst, one of his patients went missing as well his tape recorder which was his only way of finding out how he lost his client and how blood ended up on his hand? Second, his crazy ex-mistress Hayden shows up to make his life an even greater hell. And finally, he’s pretty much busted financially and all the family’s money is in where? The House. Damn shame…

Ben is slowly but surely becoming the House’s puppet, but what plans does the House necessarily have for Ben and his family? Could Ben be the weakest link within the Harmon family? It looks as if it is becoming that way, because as of yet, Ben has not done much to resist or fight the House’s power. Sure, he’s avoided Young Moira’s advances, but when it comes to the House’s manipulations with his personal and professional life, he has failed oh so epically.

Did not see the demise of Hayden so early in the game, just as she herself didn’t see the shovel heading towards her face. The saddest thing about Hayden’s death was that she wasn’t just killed, but her child as well. The baby was an innocent and wasn’t a threat to the House. To an extent. The House saw differently and dispatched Larry to take the troublemaker out in the most bizarre and left field way possible. I usually whine or balk at pretty intense characters being offed or written off a show way too early in the game, but in Hayden’s case, her purpose was served and I can’t possibly see how Ben would have survived with her being in L.A. threatening him without having a heart attack. One thing is for sure, Ben loves his family to the point that he would cover up a murder (or two, he got lucky with his patient) to make sure they stayed together. That says a lot about his character and probably why the House is so invested in him.

It’s also becoming abundantly clear that Larry is another manifestation of the House’s haunted souls, or at least still a prisoner of its whims. The man is only seen by Ben and could be an agent of the House to help drive Ben insane. Maybe Larry made a deal with the House to help in Ben’s demise in exchange for his freedom? Hmm, I doubt that for some reason…

Murder House: The Beginning

American Horror Story Episode Three: The Heart's Filthy LessonAnother surprise of the night came in the form of a back story of the House’s original owners and creators. Charles Montgomery and his wife Nora were the people responsible for the House’s perverse and heart-crushing spirit. It fits given how demented and depraved both of the Mongomerys were, which makes me wonder if the Montgomerys’ souls is the source of House’s evil? Dr. Montgomery was the maker of all the experiment jars in the basement. Nora was the inspiration for the House’s design. There is so much of the Montgomerys within the House’s walls, foundation, and history that you can’t help but think whether or not they are the reigning king and queen of the House’s underworld.

Nora’s visit to Vivian was extremely interesting. It looked as if Nora wasn’t too thrilled about the modernity of the House, but she seemed highly intrigued (potentially obsessed) by Vivian. Why? It’s hard to tell just yet (at least for me), but hopefully Nora will continue to make more appearances throughout the next couple of episodes.

Nora and Charle’s transgressions with the under the table abortions could be the reason why the basement is the epicenter for the hauntings of the House. That seems to be where the most evil lies, so could the unborn babies the Montgomerys’ aborted be the batteries which jump started the supernatural current running through the place? Plus, it is interesting how the Montgomerys were having money issues just like the Harmons are at the moment. Could Ben and Vivian be the next in line to run the House’s underworld?

Going Nowhere Fast…

Just after Vivian had given their realtor the riot act for not coming clean on the House’s history and on selling the place, Vivian had a little accident on the Murder House tour (which would be the most morbid attraction in L.A. for me), which looked as if she had miscarried the baby. This happened while Vivian was on the Murder House tour made it to the House and Vivian ran inside. She stated to the doctor that the bleeding had stopped once she ran into House, which lets you know that the House has some stock invested in Vivian’s unborn child. So did the Rubber Man succeed in impregnating Vivian?

Also, Violet was the other force to let Vivian know that moving really wasn’t going to solve anything for them, but cause more problems. Albeit, I couldn’t help but think that Violet had ulterior motives to stay in the House other than “kicking ass” in it.

Quick Thoughts

– The Murder House tour was pretty out there, just as the scene with the two men in the ally was. For a minute, I thought the man who was murdered in the alley was the detective who visited Ben. They look similar, but I could have been wrong.

– Constance mentioned how she wanted to leave just as much as Moira did and would rather leave this earth than stay behind in it. What in God’s name could she have meant? Is she actually dead, but can’t move on as well? Or is she alive, but can’t leave the House’s clutches until her the place is finished with her?

– Tate and Constance’s ‘relationship’ gets more interesting by the week. I can’t wait to see where this character angle leads…

– No Adelaide this week… What gives?

So folks, I’m interested in learning your theories for next week or for what you think may be going down on American Horror Story. The twists are getting intricate by the week, but they still leave us some answers to work with. Your take?


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