American Horror Story: When Home Invasions Go Horribly Wrong…

American Horror Story: When Home Invasions Go Horribly Wrong...What do you get when you mix the 2008 horror flick The Strangers, a Charles Manson like cult, and the Jodie Foster classic film Panic Room all together? Tonight’s episode of American Horror Story.

The mesh of information unleashed tonight has created a slew of new theories about the House, the Harmons, and the people who have occupied the Harmons’ lives since heading to L.A. Let’s start with the latter group of usual suspects.

Tate, Constance and Moira Are Working Together… But Why? And For Whom/What?

Every since the basement scene with Tate, Violet, and the coke girl in the pilot, I’ve pegged Ben’s psychotic patient to be an additional manifestation of the House. I know to make that assumption is hard given that Ben has talked to Tate’s mother over the phone, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Tate’s mother was also another trick the House could be playing on Ben. The only other explanation for Tate’s connection to the House would be if he was a ‘victim’ of the House’s madness and has become a slave to its power. A willing slave, but a slave nonetheless.

Constance and Moira’s history goes back a good penny, especially given that Constance ‘allegedly’ killed Moira some years ago. Now the real question is if both ladies were ever residents of the House itself and if they, too, became victims in a way to the point that they are constantly drawn to the House and its inhabitants. Seems like next week will give us a clear vision of their history, but I’m sure it won’t be as in-depth as we are hoping for.

Bottom line: these three are in cahoots with each other in order to help the House with its plans for the Harmons. However, the House doesn’t have much time given Vivian’s request to sell the house at the end of the night.

Baby Boom

After Vivien discovered she was pregnant last week (unknowingly by a demon, no less), Ben got some shocking baby news himself. His ex-mistress is pregnant and wants to get it aborted. American Horror Story: When Home Invasions Go Horribly WrongWe also found out that the girl is an unstable mess and possibly a danger to society as a whole. In other words, we haven’t seen the last of Hayden yet…

As for Vivien, the mom-to-be had to deal with a bit of animosity from Violet, who was more upset about the baby being used as a false hope of mending the family than the baby itself. Then there is the business about something possibly being wrong with the baby, which we as an audience already know is a solidified fact. This baby will be causing a lot more problems to come, that is if it survived the manhandling of the wannabe Strangers on tonight’s episode of American Horror Story.

The Strangers Redux

The most creepy thing about tonight’s American Horror Story had to be the 1968 flashback, which featured a double murder inside the House by a serial killer named Franklin. It’s weird that the realtor failed to mention this murder and that no one else brought it up, but you do what you got to do to sell a house right?

The Franklin murders spurred a cult of three who basically watched The Strangers a few too many times (while high on the finest product on the market) and actually thought they would have a similar ending as their idols on TV by re-creating the murders in 1968. Too bad they didn’t take into account a tough as nails mother, a head-butting daughter, and a haunted house hell-bent on protecting its prey. Basically, they screwed up royally…

Other Thoughts

Constance basically makes Joan Crawford look like the Mother of the Year. From poisoning cupcakes to locking Addy in closet filled with mirrors, this southern belle is clearly off her rocker and cannot be trusted with her southern hospitality. Wonder what drove Constance to her madness? The House? Or something more sinister?

Why did Ben go back to Boston if Hayden was going to abort the baby? Did he have to be there legally? If not then Ben has seriously stepped in something seriously funky…

Well that’s all I have now for tonight’s American Horror Story. What did you think?


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