10 Things You Didn’t Know About Ambyr Childers

Ambyr Childers

Ambyr Childers is an actress who is best known for her role as Susan Atkins in the NBC television series “Aquarius.” She has appeared in other roles that have also made her popular including “Ray Donovan,” as Ashley Rucker, and most recently in the Netflix series “You,” as Candace Stone. We wanted to know more about her so we looked into her career history along with her personal life and biography and found these 10 things you didn’t know about Ambyr Childers.

1. Her Birthday

Ambyr Childers was born on July 18, 1988. She turned 31 years old in the summer of 2019. Her home town is Cottonwood Arizona, but the family moved from this area and relocated to California. Ambyr grew up in Murrieta Riverside, California and attended the Vista Murrieta High School. She was raised with two sisters.

2. Ambyr is a business owner

Ms. Childers has a lot of different things going in her life. In addition to being an actress, she is also a business owner. She and Kate Bosworth put their heads and their talents together to co-found a business. They named their venture Ambyr Childers Jewelry. The pieces in their unique collections are delicate creations that combine a Native American flavor that is from Ambyr’s heritage with the “essential cool-girl vibe” from Kate Bosworth.

3. She recently made regular on “You”

Ambyr joined the cast of “You” in 2018 in her role as Candace Stone. The series started as a Lifetime network television adaptation of the show. It first aired on the network on September 9th of 2018. The show moved to Netflix and became one of their original titles just before the start of season two. Early in 2019, the announcement was made by Deadline that Ambyr would become a regular on the series in her role as Candace Stone and season two was first made available on the Netflix streaming service on December 26, 2019.

4. Childers has had her share of heartbreak

Ambyr Childers fell in love with film producer Randall Emmett. The couple married with 2009. By 2010, their small family began to grow. She gave birth to a little girl in 2010, and three years later, the couple had a second daughter. Things didn’t work out for Ambyr and Randall and they split up in April of 2015 when Emmett filed for legal separation. Their divorce was finalized in December of 2017.

5. She launched her acting career in 2000

Ambyr Childers has been a professional actress since 2000. She made her debut in television in the series “S Club 7 in L.A.” in a minor role. There was a gap of 3 years before she landed another small role. She played the part of Young Carolina in the 2003 film “Carolina.” The same year, she played the part of Barbie in “Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star.” This was followed by another gap of three years before she would be cast in another television series.

6. She was in a soap opera

“All My Children” is one of the longest-running television series daytime soap operas. Ambyr Childers was cast in the role of Colby Chandler. She worked as a member of the cast from 2006 through 2008. This was one of the first recurring roles that she was able to snag and it helped to boost her career thanks to the exposure that she received.

7. Her career took off in 2011

Ambyr didn’t have a lot of acting gigs until 2011. This seemed to be a year that kicked off an interest in her abilities and she was cast in three films. Although the parts were small, the exposure set her up for bigger and better things. She played a waitress in “Setup,” a cage girl in “House of the Rising Sun,” Sherry in “All Things Fall Apart,” and an American Astronaut woman in “Love.”

8. Ambyr has an impressive portfolio

Since her career began to blossom in 2011, Ambyr has received a lot of offers for work that have kept her busy. In 2012, she did voice work in “Pinocchio,” also appearing in “The Master,” “Freelancers,” “Lay the Favorite,” and “Playback.” The following year she was in “Gangster Squad,” “We Are What We Are,” “2 Guns,” and in 2014 in “Beyond Beyond,” and “Legends.” There haven’t been any gaps in her acting jobs in the past several years and she has a total of 30 projects to her credit as of the last check. Most recently, she’s been busy with “The Magicians,” television series as the voice of the East River Dragon and playing the part of Candace in “You.” Her career got off to a slow start but she’s doing very well currently

9. Ambyr and Lala buried the hatchet

There had been an ongoing feud between Ambyr Childers and Lala Kent, the fiancee of her ex-husband. It was over Lala’s posting of pictures of the girls on social media. The two had exchanged a few words over the incident publicly, but over the Christmas holiday, they emerged quite publicly as friends who now treat each other with kindness. It’s always nice to see everyone pulling together to get along and make life more pleasant for the children involved in blended families.

10. Ambyr’s Instagram is a great fan resource

If you’re a fan of Ambyr Chiders and you want to keep up with the things that are happening in her career as well as her personal life, we have an excellent resource for you. She has an Instagram account and it is loaded with some great photos. So far she has 123,000 followers on the site and she’s made 380 posts. She also has some cool links with photos titled, Kids, You S2, Happy Hour, Home Cookin’, Beauty, with recommended products and Mystery Box that highlights some of her ultra-fashionable jewelry from her new line of products.

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