Five Things You Didn’t Know about Mary Harron

If you just happen to be a fan of thrillers or horror movies, you have probably heard of the well-known director Mary Harron. In fact, she was responsible for directing one of the most disturbing films of all time, the psychological thriller American Psycho. This is a movie that truly explorers the duality of humanity, especially with regard to the main character. This is an individual that appears to be a mild-mannered high-level professional that makes a lot of money on the surface, but in reality he is dark and twisted, capable of doing things to individuals that most people could not even think about doing without vomiting. In order to better understand how Harron was able to create such a dark film that was still capable of capturing so many aspects of humanity, it is important to understand the following 5 things about this talented and capable director.

1. She is a strong feminist

Harron is not afraid to let people know that she has been a feminist for virtually all of her life. She believes that women should have the same equality as men in virtually every aspect of life, yet she has personally seen how that is not usually the case, even in fields like entertainment. As such, she has made it her mission to demonstrate how successful a capable woman can become while simultaneously calling attention to the lack of equality in both entertainment and other areas of life.

2. She has been in the entertainment industry for a long time

While she might be best known for directing the film American Psycho, Harron has been in the entertainment industry for a long time. The truth is, she has approximately 25 films to her credit as a director. This is an impressive amount of films, to say the least. In addition, she has also done a small amount of acting, which she started doing while she was still in college. This is essentially what created her love for show business in the first place, ultimately leading to her career as a director.

3. She sees the differences between males and females in film

As previously mentioned, she is a feminist and she actively tries to call attention to that fact in virtually everything she does. As such, she typically create scenes in her movies where there is a disparity between males and females that must be called out, something that the audience cannot typically ignore. She does this because she wants to create an equal playing field for everyone involved that does not have anything to do with gender. Therefore, she uses her abilities in the entertainment industry to create art that will automatically cause the audience to think about the roles of males and females in real life and how those roles could potentially change.

4. She likes punk rock

She has stated in the past that she is a fan of punk rock. Furthermore, she went on to state that she felt like she was drawn to this form of music because it essentially had something to say concerning the reality of the human condition. Basically, she has always felt like this is a form of music that talks more openly about the problems that people face, as well as the blind eye that many individuals turn to those people who are trying to be heard. This is not unlike her films, which is perhaps the biggest reason that she feels drawn to it.

5. She prefers to explore things that most people try to hide

Even the most honest individuals have areas of their lives that they prefer to keep hidden. This is a natural human trait but it can be downright frightening to find out some of the things that individuals choose to hide. Much like the character in her film, American Psycho, many people show one side of themselves publicly while they are actually completely different in private. Harron prefers to explore these things that people decide to hide because it provides a more honest picture about how people really are, whether that is positive or negative.

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