10 Things You Didn’t Know about Amanda Spain-Butts

She might not be the youngest woman looking for love on “Temptation Island,” but she’s among the younger set of women. Amanda Spain-Butts might be young, but she’s ready to find that one person she wants to spend her life with. She’s ready to find someone to travel with, share her life with, and make all the best memories with. She’s on the reality show to find love, and that might even mean looking for love with a man who has already paired up with someone else. It’s all for love, and it’s considered fair on this show.

1. She’s 24

She’s not the youngest woman on the show, but she’s not the oldest. She’s right there on the cusp of being one of the younger women, but she’s still sure she knows what she wants. At only 24, she’s had a long-term relationship in the past, and she feels this helps her in knowing what she’s ready to take into the future with her.

2. She’s Successful

She’s a success. We might not know what it means, by any means, but she’s an operations coordinator. When she’s not busy with that, she’s a lab tech who is going to school to become a microbiologist, so she’s successful even if she’s not doing what she will be doing right now. She’s working on it, and that’s successful enough.

3. She’s a Texan

She’s a bona fide Texas native. She was born and raised in Austin, and we imagine she has a lot of good memories growing up in such a popular city. Known for its nightlife and music scene, we have to say she probably has some really good times when she’s home.

4. She’s Ready for a Good Guy

It seems Amanda is a woman who wasted her time with someone who wasn’t right for her. Not only was he not right for her, but he also wasn’t good to her. She’s ready to put the kind of unhealthy relationship vibes she had in the past in the past and leave it there for good. She’s looking to move on with someone who is going to treat her well and not add any toxicity to her life.

5. She’s Outdoorsy

One thing she enjoys doing when she’s got some free time is being outdoors. She’s into rollerblading and spending her time exploring. She loves a good nature trail, and we have a feeling this makes her a bit adventurous. She seems like the type who might enjoy her time finding new places to visit.

6. She’s a Comfort Food Lover

How do we know this? Because she loves traditional southern cooking. She loves margaritas, and she loves macaroni and cheese. What else can you say about that other than the fact that she’s clearly a traditional comfort food lover? Those things are comfort staples if we are being honest.

7. She Loves Fashion

Anyone who can name their favorite designer as Karl Lagerfeld is clearly a fashionista. He’s the best of the best, and his designs are nothing short of high fashion. She’s always loved and admired his work, and that helps us understand her a little better.

8. She Knows What Makes Her Feel Sexy

If there is one thing every adult woman should know by the time she’s an adult, it’s what makes her feel sexy. Trust us when we say it doesn’t have to be something overtly sexy, but that it has to be something specific to you. Amanda Spain-Butts knows that if you give her a champagne flute and a little lace, she’s going to feel sexy. She also feels it when she’s in high heels, and we could not agree more with all three. They’re staples.

9. She’s Private

She might like to share her life with her friends and family online, but she never goes out of her way to share too much. She recognizes that the best lives don’t have to be lived completely on social media, and she lives her in private. It is such a good way to live in a world where everyone knows too much about everyone else. We love a little privacy. A little mystery goes a long way.

10. She Knows What She Wants

At this point in her life, she’s ready for someone nice. She’s literally looking for a nice guy who will treat her well and be good to her. She is looking for someone who will show her some compassion and vulnerability, and she wants someone who will be sensitive and gentle. All are good qualities.

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