“It” is Already Planning a Sequel: What We Know So Far

“It” is Already Planning a Sequel: What We Know So Far

There are a number of reasons that we can expect a follow-up to It, which is the supernatural horror movie based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name. For example, the novel had not one but two narratives, with each narrative set in a separate time period. As a result, there is plenty of source material for a follow-up, meaning that it would be a real shame if it went unused.

Furthermore, it should be noted that It went through a fair amount of effort to set the stage for a follow-up. First, Beverly outright states that she had a vision of the Losers fighting the titular monster in the future, which is a reference to the second narrative featured in the novel. Second, the title card outright reads It: Chapter One, meaning that it would be logical for there to be an It: Chapter Two. As a result, people who saw It should be more than aware of the potential for a follow-up.

Finally, while it is still much to soon to speculate about how much It will earn by the end, it seems safe to say that it will be a commercial success like how it is a critical success. As a result, there will be fewer financial barriers to a follow-up, which have been known to put a premature stop to more than one potential series. Summed up, all of the factors seemed to be lined up behind there being an eventual follow-up to It, so it should come as no surprise to learn that it has been confirmed that the creative team will be making a return for said movie. No release date has been set so far, but it seems probable that it will have to be something soon-ish because there is a limit to how long the filmmakers can wait if they want to continue using the same child actors.

What Do We Know about the It Sequel?

At this point in time, not too much is known about what the follow-up to It will look like. On the one hand, we have the second narrative from the novel; on the other hand, that is not a perfect indication for what will happen in the follow-up because the first movie was not exactly the same as its source material. Still, not too much is not the same as nothing at all, meaning that there should be enough for interested individuals to sate their curiosity for the time being.

First, the follow-up will be set in the present. This is because It was set in the 1980s as opposed to the novel’s 1950s. To be exact, it was set in 1989, meaning that it will be 2016 when the titular monster makes a return in 27 years. Second, it has been revealed that the film-makers wanted the first movie to focus on the cast members as opposed to the titular monster’s background, which they wanted to leave for the follow-up. Furthermore, they have also revealed that they don’t want the follow-up to be set just in the future but also have flashbacks to the past, which is why getting the movie made sooner rather than later is so important. Summed up, while not much is known at the moment, it seems probable that It: Chapter Two will be hitting the movie screen in the not so distant past, which should come as welcome news to those who enjoyed the first movie.

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