Almost Half of Netflix Watchers “Cheat” on Their Significant Others

Almost Half of Netflix Watchers “Cheat” on Their Significant Others

As if we don’t have enough interpersonal relationship problems here in the United States.  As many of us know, over 50% of marriages end in divorce.  The most common causes for said divorce is finance and infidelity.  But could Netflix now be another reason that marriages fail?  Perhaps.   A new phenomenon called “Cheat Watching” has reared its ugly head into couples everywhere who have a Netflix subscription.  According to USA Today

Cheat-watching is an out-of-control phenomenon, increasing three-fold since 2013. The cheaters aren’t even bashful anymore. Nearly half of them admit to multiple offenses and 63% said they’d do it more if they could get off scot-free. Only a third keep their cheating a secret. But it turns out couples can be forgiving. About 46% of those surveyed said cheating isn’t a big deal. However, a feisty 14% said it’s worse than forgetting a birthday or anniversary. Dang.

The methods for cheating can be innocent or downright diabolical. The most common way is continuing to watch after the other falls asleep. But 16% hide in another room to do the deed, while a more dignified 14% wait until the other person goes out of town.

You might be wondering what shows are causing this dastardly behavior.  Turns out that dramas are the shows that make people do things they just don’t want to do.  The top five cheat-worthy shows are: The Walking Dead, Orange is the New Black, Breaking Bad, House of Cards and Marvel’s Daredevil.

While right now this is “funny” to talk about, I could totally see this being a legitimate problem in society.


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