10 Things You Didn’t Know about Alison Araya

When HBO introduced the show “Peacemaker,” fans were immediately hooked. The show stars the lovely Alison Araya, who plays the role of Amber, and fans are curious to learn more about her. Who is she, and what is she like? What’s she done with her life before this role, and what will she do when she has the chance to move on to other things when this role is over? We don’t know all that, but we do know that she is someone worth getting to know more about. Here’s what we’ve been able to learn about her so far.

1. She is Australian

She’s from Australia, the land down under. She began acting more than 20 years ago in 2000, but her career didn’t take off right away. She earned small roles in a variety of shows, but she knew that she wanted more than the roles that didn’t even put her names in the credits.

2. She Was in Smallville

One of the best shows of its time, she was already part of the comic-book kind of situation before this role. She had a role in Smallville, which everyone knows was about Clark Kent and Superman, and she also had other roles that are in equally cool categories. The show Supernatural, for instance? Yeah, she was part of that one.

3. She Loves Her Peacemaker Character

When she first read the script for this show, she knew that the role of Amber was for her. She saw the character for what she could be, and she knew she would take this character and make the role her own. She knew it was a role meant for a woman who is bold and ready to take action.

4. She Loves Her Coworkers

She calls the set on which she works ‘magic’ because of the way things are handled, the way it’s run, and the people she works with. She loves that feeling, and that is not something you find all that often on a set with so many big names and what you might assume are big egos. She’s finding that her coworkers are amazing, and she’s thrilled.

5. She Loves a Strong Woman

When she has the opportunity to play a strong female character, she is all over it. She loves it. A woman who embodies strength and leadership calls to her in a way that not many other things do. She finds herself in a situation in which she’s happy to have this opportunity, and she is never saying no to a character like this.

6. She is Not Looking to be Typecast

If there is one thing that she is not interested in doing in her career, it’s being typecast. She has no desire to be the kind of woman that people put into a pigeon hole of one character or one type of person. She’s looking to continue her career as being someone who is diverse enough to take on any role, any time, and with all the power she’s been given.

7. She is Always Looking to Improve

One thing is certain with Alison – she is always happy to improve herself. She likes to take on different roles that force her to continue to become better than she was yesterday. She’s not in a role in which she can just sit back and relax – she’s learning, evolving, and becoming better each day.

8. She’s Proud of Her Heritage

She is from Australia, but she is 100 percent Chilean. She loves her Latin roots, playing the roles of Latin women, and making a stand for her own heritage. She’s a woman who is nothing short of entirely diverse, and she is ready to take on all the roles.

9. She Has a Dream

She has had a chance to work with so many amazing people in the entertainment industry, but she has a dream future co-star. She would love to work with Pedro Pascal, and she would accept just about any role to be able to work with him. She’s a huge fan.

10. She’s Very Private

If you ask her about her life, she’s going to discuss it with you. However, she’s very good about discussing only things that are broad and open, and she doesn’t delve too much into things that are too personal. She might not even notice she does this, or maybe she does this on purpose, but it is a situation that she’s made herself a pro at doing, and we appreciate her desire to keep some things to herself.

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