10 Things You Didn’t Know about Ali Wong

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Ali Wong

Ali Wong

If you’ve ever watched Ali Wong then you already know she can have kind of a coarse sense of humor at times despite the fact that she is pretty funny. Her jokes are kind of hit and miss at times and yet she does manage to get people to laugh and she does have a big enough following that proves she’s considered to be one of the more popular comedians/actresses around. Her comedy is probably why a lot of people know anything about her but at this point it’s enough since it’s what has helped keep her relevant after she made the scene and showed what she could do. She’s definitely one of the hardest working comedians in the business at this time and has been around long enough to understand how things work and how to make her career move forward in a favorable way. Barring that, she’s got the kind of attitude and forward manner that allows her to really get her point across when it’s needed without taking a great deal of flak from anyone.

Here are a few things about Ali that you might not have known.

10. She tried stand-up comedy for the first time at age 23.

Some folks are telling jokes and making themselves the center of attention at a young age and even playing the part of the class clown when they’re in school. Ali seemed to get into acting first when she was in college and then found a passion for being funny once she’d graduated. Some comedians drop out of school to pursue their passion, she was just a little more patient.

9. At one point she was performing up to nine times a night.

That seems like a lot for anyone given that a set can last for a little while and the stress of being on stage can take a toll on a lot of people. But it would appear that she’s had the kind of dedication it takes to really put herself out there and make it work for quite some time.

8. She’s a writer for Fresh Off the Boat.

Ali has done work for TV and for movies so it’s fair to say that she’s more than just a comedian as she keeps herself pretty busy with one project after another and yet somehow manages to keep them all in line and make everything work.

7. Wong had a stand-up special when she was 7 months pregnant.

You couldn’t really say that she waddled across the stage as she was telling jokes, but one could tell that after a while packing that extra weight around was starting to wear on her a bit. Pregnant women do tire out a little quicker sometimes but she was staying strong for the show and did a great job.

6. Ali has a pretty decent resume when it comes to acting.

Ali hasn’t just done bit-parts in her time, she’s actually gotten in there and done some real acting throughout her career and made something of herself in a way that people may or may not have expected. In many ways she’s been a pleasant surprise to a lot of people.

5. Her net worth is somewhere around $2.5 million.

She hasn’t disclosed her salary but it does seem as though she’s worth a good amount and is able to command a very decent salary from those she works for since she is a well-known comedian and is someone that’s proven to be dependable and capable in what she does.

4. She’s in her late 30s as of now.

At the age of 37 she’s still a fairly young woman, relatively speaking, and has a lot of good years left to her if she really wants to keep doing what she loves. For actors and comedians the fun doesn’t seem to stop until they’ve grown tired of the industry, and so far it seems that she’s having a good time.

3. In terms of size she’s not a very big woman.

Ali only stands about 5’3″ and she’s not a big husky woman. But just from watching her comedy routine she doesn’t seem like the type of person that you’d want to try pushing around as she might eviscerate you with words or, worse, her biting comedic performance.

2. Some of her jokes are either hard to understand or kind of hard to take.

She’s a little bit aggressive in her comedy at times but she knows how to balance it out thankfully since she’s not uproariously funny like some, but she is still worth watching.

1. She’s very active on social media.

These days if you’re a performer and you’re not on social media there’s a good chance that fewer people are going to know about you. Ali does have a substantial presence on social media and is able to get her words out to a great number of people that want to hear them, over and over in fact.

I’d recommend watching Baby Cobra to start with, that’ll get you used to her.

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