10 Things You Didn’t Know about Alexa Demie

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Alexa Demie

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Alexa Demie

You know her from her amazing role in “Euphoria,” but how much do you really know about Alexa Demie outside of her role as Maddy Perez? Probably not that much as we are all guilty of loving our favorite characters and then promptly forgetting that they aren’t real-life people in any capacity, but we get it. She’s a Mexican star with a long history of appearances in shows, her breakout role, and even a few hidden talents of her own. She’s really good at what she does, and it makes us want to get to know about who she is as a person rather than just as a character.

1. Her Mom Raised Her

Her mother raised her on her own. We don’t know where her father was or if he was any part of her life, but we do know that she is a woman who had a long time to spend with the mother she was raised by. She was a makeup artist who did everything she could to make sure her daughter knew she could be anything she wanted to be, and that she could achieve her dreams.

2. She Wasn’t A Fan of School

She didn’t like school that much growing up. In fact, she’s a fan of saying she very much disliked her own high school experience. We don’t think it was because she went through some sort of unattractive awkward stage — because she’s more than gorgeous — but she just did not like it. She didn’t feel it was her best time, and she’s glad that part of her life is done and over with.

3. Taking Orders is Not Her Strong Suit

One of the main reasons she disliked high school so much is the simple fact that she doesn’t like being told what to do. We get that. In fact, we get that strongly. We live the same life, and that’s okay. Being told what to do is not for everyone, and that’s why so many of us take a different and untraditional route in our adult lives. It’s the best, but it also hindered her high school experience.

4. She’s Playing her Mother

One thing you might not know about this actress is that one of her upcoming roles is as her mother. Not only will she play the role of her mother in the story of her life, she will also produce the movie, too. Her mother, Rose Mendez, was a single mother and a makeup artist who raised her on her own while pursuing her own dreams and goals.

5. She Hopes to Open a School of Her Own

She might not like her own history with education, but that doesn’t mean that she’s not aware of how important it is to those who are learning as they grow. She knows that education is important, and it’s her hope to one day open a school of her own. She has very specific ideas about the place she’s going to open, though she doesn’t exactly go into great detail about how, when, what, and where she’s planning on doing this. Either way, though, we think it’s amazing.

6. She Loves School Work and Learning

While she might not like being told what to do by the people who run her school and her schedule and her life, she loves the learning aspect of her life. She loved the research and schoolwork part of her life, but she just didn’t like the other parts. When she opens her own school one day, she hopes to be very specific about the atmosphere, taking into consideration the many things she disliked and struggled with as a student herself.

7. She Loves Music

She’s a musical force, and one thing she looks for when choosing a role is the music involved in the script. She’s more likely to be interested in a project if the script is given to her to read with music already named and there for her to listen to. It’s such a big part of who she is and what she does, and she’s very specific about that and how it affects her life and her career. We like that about her, and we appreciate that about you.

8. She has Huge Respect for Zendaya

She’s worked with many of the biggest names in the world so far in her life, but there is one person who stands out to her more than others. She’s not saying that the others are not people she respects and admires, but she has a great deal of respect and admiration for Zendaya, whom she says is a woman who makes bold and important choices in her life. Alexa feels that all Zendaya does is important and well-thought out and intelligent, and she has a great deal of respect for that and the things she does. She’s a clear role model.

9. She’s Very Particular about Her Roles

Since taking on the big roles she’s had so far, she’s actually said no to several projects. She shot to big ones at one time, and she feels that she not only needs a break from the constant back-to-back work she’s doing, but she also needs to find something that speaks to her. She is not in a place where she feels she needs to say yes to every single project that has come her way, but she’s also not about to say yes to anything that doesn’t fit her vibe and her feelings for what she wants to accomplish.

10. She Loves Comedy

She might not seem like the kind of woman who will come into the world of comedy and take it and run with it, but she loves comedy and being fun and silly. It makes her happy, and it brings her a great deal of joy to have fun in her life. She feels that life should be fun, it should be enjoyed, and it should be more than what so many people make it.

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