10 Things You Didn’t Know About Alex Kompothecras

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Alex Kompothecras

Alex Kompo

When people talk of being born with a silver spoon in their mouth, they must be referring to wealthy individuals like Alex Kompothecras. The 24-year-old from Florida is the leading cast member of “Siesta Key,” a reality television show that is filmed in the mansion he resides in, the Siesta Key Mansion. Alex has gained fame due to the series, now in its third season. His life has been wrought with scandals; let’s take a look at some of them as we learn more about him.

1. It was his father’s idea to have a reality show based on Alex and his friends

Alex’s wealthy father, Gary Kompothecras, was a chiropractor by profession. One day, as he watched Alex and his friends, he realized they were living a lifestyle that would look good on camera. With that, he decided to film the pilot of the reality show and send it to various networks. After waiting nearly a year for a response, MTV contacted him, saying that the series was exactly what they were looking for; thus, “Siesta Key” was born.

2. He is a serial cheater

Gary Kompothecras may have flaunted that the cast members of the reality show were well-behaved, but he failed to mention that his son Alex has a hard time saying no to any girl who wants to sleep with him. Alex’s longtime friend Chloe noted that Alex is a womanizer and has been intimate with nearly all of her friends, as well as almost all of the cast members, including Kelsey, Juliette, Madisson, and Amanda. As if proud of his infidelity, when he boasted about cheating on Juliette, Alex said that it was a joke, and he always covers his tracks.

3. He is going to be a father soon

Despite his inability to stick to one girl, Alex has found one who is ready to carry on the Kompothecras name. He is currently dating Alyssa Salerno, who is expecting a baby girl. Of course, when money is not an issue, one can expect extraordinary things to happen. Therefore, the gender reveal was done by a plane releasing pink smoke as it flew. The ecstatic father-to-be took to Instagram to announce the good news.

4. Two of his siblings are disabled

Alex admitted that he had to mature quickly as the eldest in his family, especially since his brother Bronson and sister Sarah Alice are autistic. He has taken on a more responsible role, helping take care of them, as well as striving to make an impact in the lives of those living with autism within his community and nationally. He hopes to start a nonprofit to raise awareness about autism, and the family also holds galas in their mansion to fundraise for those on the Autism Spectrum.

5. He loves boating and fishing

The reality star has not shied away from showcasing his passion for water activities, and you will often find him spending most of his time in the water. Alex’s love for boating began when he was still a young boy; at five years old, he was already fishing, and by the time Alex celebrated his 9th birthday, he had his own boat. He is fortunate to be living in South Florida, which he proudly touts as the fishing capital of the world due to the vast array of habitats and diverse fish species. Moreover, the weather is conducive, allowing him to go fishing any time of the year, which he greatly appreciates since he is happiest when he is out on the water, especially when accompanied by his younger brother Gabriel who shares his enthusiasm.

6. He has dyslexia

When Alex spoke to the Shreveport Times, he said that although he has dyslexia, he has found ways to manage it. As he studies to become a lawyer, Alex has discovered that taking frequent breaks is key to ensuring his concentration remains unaffected. His friend, Patrick Hayes, even wished him success on Facebook, expressing that it would be a challenge to meet the goal of graduating top of his class with dyslexia.

7. He is charitable

Alex may appear to be a spoiled rich kid, but he has a kind heart. When he was busy studying for his law degree, Alex still managed to find time to go fishing with Trey, a nine-year-old boy who was undergoing treatment for leukemia. Trey had just finished his chemotherapy session and wanted to have a good time in the water. Alex agreed to take him fishing despite being apprehensive that he had lost his touch due to not having gone for so long. His generosity paid off; they caught the most fish since he had gone to law school.

8. He got death threats after a shark-dragging video controversy

When Alex’s friend Michael Wenzel sent him a video showing Michael and two other men dragging a shark by its fins, Alex said he was disgusted. Unfortunately, he was linked to the scandal since he is Michael’s friend and even began receiving death threats. Alex insisted he had never been in Michael’s boat and was not in the video, but that did not spare him and his “Siesta Key” castmates from the hate that followed them on social media, according to People.

9. His father’s house is often mistaken for a hotel

Alex’s father, Gary, is one of the wealthiest people in Sarasota, thanks to his legal and medical hotline. The man owns a luxurious house worth $12,613,900 which was recently listed among the 20 most expensive homes in Sarasota. The home has seven bathrooms, which is perfect for Gary and Beth’s six children. It is so grand that people often mistake it for a hotel; consequently, it is no surprise that Gary decided to build a hotel too.

10. He has known his girlfriend since they were kids

For those of you who think Alyssa is a gold-digger out to get the Kompothecras fortune, you might be mistaken. Alex and Alyssa have known each other since they were kids, growing up together in Sarasota. The two have pictures of their friendship posted on Instagram that prove this.

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