Adventure Time Season 6 Episode 38, 39 & 40 Review: “You Forgot Your Floaties,” “Be Sweet” & “Orgalorg”

Adventure Time Season 6 Episode 38, 39 & 40 Review: “You Forgot Your Floaties,” “Be Sweet” & “Orgalorg”

Adventure Time

This week’s premiere of five new Adventure Time episodes are also the finale for Season 6, so I thought I would honor it with reviewing the episodes together. Releasing episodes in this manner often means that something big is about to happen in the Adventure Time universe, and the writers did not hesitate to make that clear in the first episode, “You Forgot Your Floaties.”

For those of you who don’t remember Betty, who is the feature character, we last saw her in Season 5 Episode 48, so it’s been about a season since she last appeared on the series. She is Simon’s girlfriend from the past. and she jumps through a portal to the present to be with the dying Simon. We find out that she has spent her time researching magic in order to learn how to release Simon from the Ice King’s crown without killing him.

Finn and Jake (in the form of an egg and a bowl of soup) find out that Betty’s newest research focuses on Magic Man, who we all love to hate. Magic Man speaks in rhymes and poetry, so the episode was fun to listen to, if not initially confusing. Betty and Magic Man enter his dream to facilitate Magic Man’s transformation into Glob (who knew Glob and Magic Man were brothers? Not me). Betty takes the form of Magic Man’s dead wife, and in the end, she steals Magic Man’s hat, which contains his power.

Finn and Jake (now as Bread Finn and well…Jake is still soup) break the glass that holds Magic Man and Betty, and Betty emerges wearing the magical hat, and absolutely crazy with power. She sees Ice King in a pool and he says, “You forgot your floaties,” but there is no sound.

The end of “You Forgot Your Floaties” had me excited for “Be Sweet,” but what a letdown. Lumpy Space Princess episodes often miss for me, and this one had a lot of potential. LSP spends her night ‘babysitting’ Sweet Pea (also known as the Litch reincarnated into a terribly huge child), and she does a horrible job. Sweet Pea runs amok in the Candy Kingdom, and he ends up in jail. Nothing from this episode felt significant until the very end when Treetrunks comes in to say goodnight to Sweet Pea, and he says, “The comet approaches.”

We learn in the following episode, “Orgalorg,” that the comet may be Orgalorg, an ancient cosmic entity, whom Glob had destroyed. However, it becomes rather confusing because the aliens on a planet confirm that Gunter, the Ice King’s beloved penguin, is Orgalorg in another form.

Gunter creates a portal that connects him to the aliens on another planet, but when he finally sees the aliens. he destroys the device. There were some funny clips of Gunter involved in major historical events such as flying a plane and building the great pyramids. So great.

Adventure Time had a fantastic setup in “You Forgot Your Floaties,” and the following two episodes were confusing and only had small connections to the major plotline. Hopefully, the next three episodes will reveal more about Gunter/Orgalorg, and what it has to do with Betty and Finn and Jake. Tonight’s episode should feature Finn’s dad, which means that his time on the show may finally end. How exciting! Stay tuned for my review of the upcoming three Adventure Time episodes!

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