7 Examples of Hilarious Adult Jokes Hidden in Kids Shows

7 Examples of Hilarious Adult Jokes Hidden in Kids Shows

birds of prey

If you’re a writer on a kids TV show, chances are you might want to have a little fun every so often. A way to do that is to insert an adult joke that goes over kids heads, one they possible couldn’t understand the subtext for. This happens ALL THE TIME in kids shows it seems, far before Shrek made it cool. I’ve hunted down a few of the best examples for you. They range from cartoons to live action, and you have to wonder how many of these are out there total.

Check out the full list complete with video clips below:

Powerpuff Girls – The Accident

Kids say the darndest things!

Rocko’s Modern Life – Doggy Style

Pretty self explanatory

Hey Arnold – The Admission

Did Steely Phil admit he did drugs?

Batman – Birds of Prey

I think the writers may have been carried away here. Probably the most blatant example on this list.

Spongebob – Getting Caught

This probably sailed right over the kids’ heads.

The Flintstones – Three Heads

This one might not have been caught by most.

iCarly- The Wire

Not a dirty one, but my favorite on this list.

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