Could Adam Driver Portray Reed Richards in the MCU?

Could Adam Driver Portray Reed Richards in the MCU?
Could Adam Driver Portray Reed Richards in the MCU?

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Could Adam Driver portray Reed Richards in the MCU? A rumor is going around at the moment that Driver might have caught the MCU’s attention. It’s little more than gossip to many people, but it’s worth paying attention to. Driver isn’t a terrible choice for the character by any means, but he feels like an odd one, especially because Driver is coming off another majorly popular franchise, Star Wars.

A lot of characters in the Marvel Universe have their signature looks that fans have grown accustomed to. Undeniably, Richards has changed a couple of times over the years, but the most popular form at this time is the slightly aged, bearded, and muscular iteration. Richards is one of the smartest people in the Marvel Universe. When he’s continually placed on lists due to his intellect and what he can do, it’s fair to say that he can also be dangerous person. This is before one even mentions his ability to stretch his body to incredible proportions. Richards can form his body as he needs for any given moment. In battle, this ability is incredible since it gives him a huge advantage. As such, any actor who takes on the role needs to portray his intellect, flexibility and strength in equal measure.

Could Adam Driver Portray Reed Richards in the MCU?

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Only Three Actor Have Portrayed Richards So Far

The first memorable actor to portray this character was Ioann Gruffudd. He was followed by Miles Teller, and then John Krasinski for a brief cameo. All three men did their best to bring the character to life.  Gruffudd best embodied Reed Richard’s intellect, Teller was able to show Reed’s stubbornness and Krasinski’s appearance was the most-liked out of the three. Should Krasinki not return to the MCU, Driver would match or top Krasinski’s performance to win fans over.

Adam Driver Is A Talented Actor But This Reed Richards Is A Challenge

As mentioned, Reed Richards needs the right kind of actor. Adam’s acting ability isn’t in question, however, he bears little resemblance to the comic book character though he is roughly the same height and his build as the character; however; that’s where the resemblance ends. Thankfully, that’s easy to look past if the acting is on point. Plenty of people overlooked Hugh Jackman standing a foot taller than his comic counterpart, so this is a non-issue. 

The right look can make or break a character. Fortunately, Reed Richards is a character that’s a bit more versatile than others. 

Could Adam Driver Portray Reed Richards in the MCU?

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Who Else Is Getting Attention For A Fantastic Four Movie?

Plenty of names have crossed the lips and minds of many fans. The first family of the Marvel Universe is well-known and well-liked. But trying to determine who should portray them is tough. So far, the efforts made are interesting to think about. Chris Evans has actually stated that he would go back to the role of the Human Torch if he could. While Michael B. Jordan was a good choice for the Human Torch in 2015, it would be difficult for him to return to the role since he has already appeared in the MCU as Erik Killmonger.

Susan Storm and Ben Grimm continue to remain difficult to cast. To be fair, casting comic book movies are always difficult; there are a lot of actors who want the roles, and a few who have said no. There’s also likeness to the character and fan reception to consider. At the end of the day, only time will tell.

Until A Decision is Made, It’s Fun To Think Of The Possibilities

There are a lot of actors that can take on this part. Many think that Adam Driver is right for the role, while others don’t. However, we’ve seen the MCU make the most of many unpopular choices and turn them into household names. The movies and shows are not going to always stay comic-accurate as such fans should keep an open mind on the matter.

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