Actresses We Forgot Had Roles on General Hospital

General Hospital fans have been following along with all the things happening in Port Charles for many years. We love it. It’s one of our all time favorites, and that’s not just because Luke and Laura and their offspring made it impossible for us not to fall in love with them when we were preteens and young kids. But, for now, we are so focused on the characters on the show today that we forget who was on the show in the past. There were so many talented people on the show, but we often forget that they were part of the Port Charles legacy when we focus on what is happening in the here and now. We have some favorite long-ago faces of women who came onto the show and made a big impact. We might not remember them everyday now, but we loved them then and still do now.

Mary Beth Evans

She’s talented to the point that it’s not even amusing. She’s so good at all she does, and she is so good at all she puts her mind to, but we love her so much on Days of Our Lives that we often forget she ever had another role. She is Kayla. She’s created that role to be something no one else could ever even hope to take over without making it miserable, and that also means she’s managed to virtually erase all the hard work she’s done on shows elsewhere. For example, did you know she was here in Port Charles for a long time in the past? She took a bit of a break from her role over there to come here for a while. She played Katherine in 1993, and she was around for a staggering 6 years. She was the woman who was going to be just like the next Helena Cassadine playing the role of Katherine Bell. She also had a brief romantic encounter on the show with the man who plays her husband on Days of Our Lives, and we love that.

Lindze Letherman

You might not remember her name so much as you remember her face, but she was here for a while playing the role of Georgie Jones. She was good, too. She was so good. She was the child of Frisco and Felicia, and she was the sister to Maxie. She was here for some time playing the role that made her famous, and she did a good job of it. It was unfortunate for fans who loved her so much who wanted to see her stick around. She was a victim of a horrible crime when she was killed by the Text Message Killer in the early 2007 timeframe. But, fans will always remember the love she and Dillon had for one another, and her name lives on. There is a baby in town who shares the name of this wonderful character thanks to her mother wanting to name her after Georgie as a way of remembering this young woman.

Cari Shayne

Do you recognize her name? Would you recognize it more if we called her Karen Wexler? Yes, now you know who we are talking about. She is the wonderful woman who came onto the show in the 90s and made us happy with her strength and her character. She may have made poor choices from time to time, but she was a woman who did things her own way, and she rarely allowed anyone else to influence her or make her into something she is not. She is a woman who has made it clear that she has something else to say for herself, but she wasn’t able to stick around. Her father was Scotty Baldwin, and we can always hope that she might come back from her ‘death’ in a car accident because someone kidnapped her to make her father upset. It might happen. Stranger things have happened, but she’s been gone a very, very long time. We aren’t sure this would work out at this point, but we aren’t entirely sure it won’t happen. She was good, the character was good, and we would welcome her back with open arms.

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