10 Things You Didn’t Know about Aaron Pedersen

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Aaron Pedersen

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Aaron Pedersen

Aaron Pedersen’s professional acting journey has looked a little different compared to many of his contemporaries, but that’s always been part of what makes him special. For the last four decades, Aaron has lit up screens with his immense talent. His ability to act across genres and play all sorts of different characters has given him the chance to work on a variety of projects. Most people will know him from a wide variety of roles movie including City Homicide and Water Rats. He is also known for his recent TV roles in Jack Irish and Total Control. Regardless of what you know him from, it’s likely that Aaron’s performance is one that you haven’t forgotten. Keep reading to learn 10 things you didn’t know about Aaron Pedersen.

1. He Was A Journalist

Remember when I mentioned that Aaron’s path to acting was a little different? You’re about to find out exactly how. Aaron began his on screen career by working as a journalist for a few years. He ultimately decided that he wanted to try something new and he began to focus all of his efforts into getting professional acting jobs .

2. He Didn’t Have The Easiest Childhood

Aaron certainly didn’t have it easy when he was growing up. His mother struggled with alcoholism and their father wasn’t really in the picture. Aaron also has a brother with special needs. Aaron is his brother’s care taker and he takes great pride in that responsibility. Despite the many challenges Aaron has faced over the years, he’s always been committed to setting up a fitire pf os family.

3. He Has Behind The Scenes Experience

Acting is what Aaron has become most widely known for, but he’s no stranger to being behind the camera. He has experience as a writer, director, and producer. Most notably, he produced 74 episodes of Big Brother Uncut between 2005 and 2006. He hasn’t done anything behind the signs since 2013, but there’s a good chance he’ll pick it up back up at some point.

4. He’s An Award Winner

The reality is that no matter how talented an actor is, the success of their career is often measured by the number of awards they win. With that metric in mind, it’s safe to say that Aaron’s career is a success no matter how you look at it. He’s won several awards over the years including a 2021 AACTA International Award for Best Actor in a Series.

5. He Has No Formal Acting Training

People who have seen Aaron’s work may be surprised to know that isn’t a formally trained actor. He basically fell into acting after working as a journalist and things quickly began to take off for him. Aaron has been able to learn many of the things he’s needed to know along the way.

6. He Considers Acting A “Hobby”

Lots of professional actors consider their work their life, but that isn’t how Aaron thinks. During an interview with The Australian Aaron said, ” I’ve always said I’m not really an actor; I’m a carer. Acting’s just my hobby.” Instead taking care of his brother Vinnie, who suffers from cerebral palsy, is what Aaron likes to think of as his real responsibility.

7. He’s Not Into Social Media

These days, social media is the first place people flock to when they want to know what’s going on with one of their favorite celebrities. Sadly for Aaron’s fans, they won’t find much about him on social media. He doesn’t appear to have any verified social media profiles and he’s always been a fairly private person overall.

8. He Would Like To Do More Comedic Roles

Many of the parts Aaron has had in his career have been on the serious side, but he’d love to tap into something more lighthearted as well. He told the New York Times, “I love comedy, and I’d love to do more of it, but I end up with the work I end up with.” That being said, he’s thankful for every opportunity that has come his way.

9. He Loves Playing A Variety Of Characters

Plenty of actors have absolutely no problem with staying inside of their comfort zone for the whole career. Aaron, however, has never shied away from trying new things. He welcomes the chance to play different types of characters and he’s proved that he can do it quite well.

10. He May Decide To Go To Hollywood One Day

Aaron was born and raised in Australia which is also where he has spent most of his career. While he loves working in Australia, there’s a chance he may decide to dabble in Hollywood one day. Still, however, Aaron would never completely abandon the Australia industry.

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