A Wakanda Show Helmed by Ryan Coogler is Coming to Disney Plus

A Wakanda Show Helmed by Ryan Coogler is Coming to Disney Plus

A Wakanda Show Helmed by Ryan Coogler is Coming to Disney Plus

Just to be clear, the Wakanda show coming to Disney+ isn’t going to necessarily be just about the Black Panther storyline, but it does sound as though it could explore the fictional nation a bit more and reveal other aspects of it that might be kind of interesting for fans to see. Ever since Black Panther came out the nation has been a fascinating place for people to think about since their technology has made them a location that many people can’t help but wish was real. A series exploring the nation in greater depth and possibly going over the new relationships that are to be made after the passing of King T’Challa could be of great interest and could even be something that might open up the MCU a bit more, as Black Panther 2 is said to be coming in 2022, though thankfully we won’t see an attempt to digitally insert the late Chadwick Boseman, who sadly passed in 2020. It will be intriguing to see just how his passing is handled and who will become the next ruler of Wakanda. In the comics, Shuri took over after a while, but this was while T’Challa was still alive, and it’s easy to assume that the Black Panther’s death will have to be handled with care since the character has been through too much to be brought down by anything other than something that might be unavoidable or simply too powerful to resist.

It does make a person wonder just how many different ways a story about Wakanda can be spun since there do appear to be a few very big ideas that could create a season or even create ideas that would allow the possible movie or show to work in a very harmonious way with the rest of the MCU. With phase 4 already in motion, it’s hard to say if this show will make the cut or if it will enter into the MCU later on in another phase. It does feel as though it could easily fit into phase 4, though right now not much is being said about the show or the upcoming movie, other than it might be bringing back several of the main characters, and a possible return from Michael B. Jordan hasn’t been ruled out yet. How that will happen is being kept under wraps as well, if it happens at all, but as of now, it’s enough to know that Wakanda is very much going to continue to be a part of the MCU and will even be expanding at one point. It does feel that maybe Namor could be introduced in the movie or in the show since it’s been seen in the comics that the ruler of Atlantis has had issues with the king of Wakanda in the past. But without a king there now it’s uncertain just what’s going to happen and how things will turn out.

Boseman’s passing is going to be handled with a great deal of care, that’s the hope at least, and the power vacancy will need to be addressed in order to push the story forward, but it does feel as though this is going to be a big deal that Ryan Coogler and his team will be in charge of moving forward. Working to remedy the absence is going to be something that will help the show and the movie immensely, and will hopefully give fans some closure when all is said and done. Quite a few people were crushed when Boseman passed from cancer that many had no idea that he had been suffering through last year, and the questions ran fast and quick as it was asked just who would take on his mantle and whether or not he would be digitally inserted into the next movie, which would have been a horrible idea, not to mention disrespectful. But with at least one question answered, that being his insertion into the next movie, with a bit negative, now people can focus on waiting to see just how the second movie is going to go, and how the Wakanda series will bring to life the rest of the nation so that we can see what it looks like, how it operates, and what kind of challenges and adventures are going to be coming now that the world was made aware of Wakanda at the end of the Black Panther.

One thing is pretty clear, people are on board with this idea and are ready to see more. The only thing to do now is just to wait and see what will come, and that’s bound to be the biggest hardship that many people will have to take on in the months to come. But there will be plenty more to be said about Wakana before the series comes out, that’s certain.

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