A Scarface Reboot is Looking Possible Again

A Scarface Reboot is Looking Possible Again

A Scarface Reboot is Looking Possible Again

The funny thing about the Scarface movie is that the original was inspired by an actual person despite being made into a fiction. Al Capone was nicknamed Scarface and he absolutely hated it according to those that knew him the best. But decades later another Scarface was made in the early 80s featuring a Cuban named Tony Montana that came to America and started taking over the cocaine scene. As Kevin Burwick of MovieWeb has put it however this upcoming movie will be based in LA and will continue the tradition of the immigrant’s story as a single individual makes their way into the country and finds prominence in an illicit trade that will bring them power, influence, and course, a great deal of money that will increase the first two. How the story is going to turn out is anyone’s guess since there aren’t a lot of details other than who’s directing at this point and who’s producing. The idea for the movie has been kicking around since about 2010 apparently and has never come to fruition, though even now it would appear that things are going to be up in the air until the final word comes along that there is a solid plan and cast in place. With so many projects already professing the hardship and uncertainty that has befallen the entertainment industry in the past couple of months it’s easy to think that this movie is one of the many that will be trying to leap ahead once the go ahead is given. The only question at that time is going to be if it can attract a worthwhile cast.

If this movie does go forward it will be amusing to see what kind of content it will feature since many would look at Scarface from back in the 80s and be likely to say ‘that wouldn’t fly today’ in regards to some of the content. It’s amusing that some folks would see nothing wrong with this movie however and might decide to attack comedies and various other movies from the 80s that possessed content that was seen as controversial. What might come from this movie is still going to have to top or at least match what was brought in 1983 however since Al Pacino set a pretty high bar with his performance of the Cuban immigrant named Tony Montana, especially when it came to the idea of how the madness of the life caught up to him and eventually turned his world upside down. In a way it almost feels as though something with the same feel as Sicario when it comes to the severity of it. Pacino’s Scarface was ruthless and absolutely nuts in his own way, but he was also a very determined and almost scary individual since he didn’t have that much of a filter between his mouth and the rest of the world. It kind of makes a person wonder what this next version of Scarface is going to be like, assuming it ever gets off the ground.

That’s the whole issue right after all since there have been talks concerning the emergence of this movie for years now, a decade in fact, and nothing has happened yet. Nothing is still bound to be what will happen at this point since the shutdown is keeping everything pretty tied up at the moment since there’s no way to get production going without breaking whatever social distancing rules are being applied. It’s frustrating for many people at this time but so far the world is still firmly in the grip of the coronavirus pandemic, meaning that we won’t be seeing any new movies for at least another month or two since the first scheduled movie to hit the theaters, when they actually open, is July. Nicole Sperling and Brookes Barnes of The New York Times had more to say on this matter. Regardless of what people say this isn’t the hardship, it’s knowing that there are a lot of people out of work at the moment in the entertainment industry and around the world that’s a hardship, but it’s also knowing that this could be useful fodder for the story as well since it should be easy to imagine stories such as Scarface pulling from the troubles that have beset humanity throughout the last several years. If ever there was enough of a story to run with, it would be now, since there has been plenty going on in the last decade or so that could be added into an immigrant movie and made into something that people will likely watch. Controversial or not, it would be a movie that a lot of people might find interest in since there are a lot of directions that the story can be taken, and a lot of content that can be used in a number of ways to make a point as to why Scarface might turn out to be a great movie.

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