A Punky Brewster Sequel is in the Works: Yes, It’s True

Karu F. Daniels of Daily News wrote an article recently stating something that might have given a lot of fans a small jolt as a part of their memory from childhood undoubtedly sparked at the mention of a certain rascally kid named Punky Brewster. Well the rumor is true it would seem since Soleil Moon Frye is indeed coming back to recapture the role that helped to make her famous so long ago and is doing so in a way that might, hopefully, make people remember why they loved watching Punky so much in the first place. If you remember though she had a kind of tragic beginning since she was abandoned as a little kid. But thankfully she was adopted by a kindly man that took her in. The story of Punky Brewster is one that was thoroughly embraced for the four seasons the show lasted and was remembered for much longer since quite honestly she was one of those characters that we immediately identified with.

Eric Todisco of People writes that Punky is going to be featured as herself at the age of 42 with three kids and will be trying to sort out her life on the show. There isn’t a whole lot on the show at the moment but it is kind of a question to see who might show up from the past, if anyone is still interested. Fans that remember Punky fondly will no doubt tune in once they hear about the show just to see what it’s all about, but as people might think there are going to be a couple of individuals missing. After all George Gaynes and Susie Garrett did pass away a little while back, so it’s fair to say that their characters won’t be replaced but will hopefully be given some mention within the show as it seems only right. That being said, it’s a wonder that this show is coming back despite the love that people had for it and still do. It does seem to speak to the inability some folks have to move on, but also to the very obvious habit that show business writers, producers, and anyone else that have anything to do with the process seem incapable of finding new topics and stories to talk about. Reboots and remakes have become the norm in Hollywood right now and anything apart from this almost seems to be met with open hostility since it represents something new and unknown.

Chris Evangelista from Slash Film agrees that reboots have been on the rise as of late and while some of them haven’t been too bad others have made people wonder just what goes through the minds of those that are writing the scripts and coming up with ideas that are new and exciting but are still pulling off of old shows for their core content. It’s not a bad thing to bring back old stars and in some cases it’s not at all irritating to bring back old shows in new way, but perhaps it’s time for a bit of a change. Given how many stories are out there just waiting to be developed for the public and how many exist without anyone ever realizing what’s there it seems like we’re being robbed in a big way of the entertainment that might have been. Punky Brewster was a beloved show and might do well once brought back since there are moments when it’s quite interesting to see how people have grown and to understand that they’ve changed quite a bit throughout the years. But maybe it’s time for someone to round up the writers for various studios and take them on a field trip to a library where they can find new ideas from old stories that have never been fully examined or brought to light. Think of the possibilities, the tales that could be told, and the opportunities for actors young and old that could open up if more books were cracked open and less of the past was recycled and reused so often. As I said, some shows and movies that are brought back aren’t that bad, and in some cases they’re done well enough that they compliment the source material in a big way.

But taking the time to find out how many stories are actually out there and how many might thrive if they were allowed to hit the small or big screen is an idea that doesn’t seem to get a lot of play in show business. It’s true though, literally thousands of stories exist that could be picked up and created for the screen, but as of yet this is not a common practice, especially on TV. As great as Punky Brewster was and still could be, it might be time for a new batch of stories to finally come forward.

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