A Cher Biopic is Coming to Commemorate Her 75th Birthday

Some would say it’s been a biopic that’s been decades in the making and according to Cher, she had more life to live in order to make this a worthy movie of her life, which many might agree with since the talented singer and actress has legions of fans that have adored her for many a year now. As of now, there’s no word on who’s going to be playing her part, or who will take on the role of Sonny Bono, but it does feel as though the best match possible is going to be found simply due to the idea that Cher is such a well-known individual throughout the world. One can only imagine how the fans would lambast the director of the movie should the poor guy take on the wrong individual for the role. The number of fans that have adored Cher over the years is too high to easily count given that many believe she’s touched them in a certain way, and perhaps she has given that her music has been widely celebrated and her acting has been deemed Oscar-worthy a couple of times. She has her detractors, there’s no doubt about that, but those in the entertainment industry deal with this on such a constant basis that a lot of them have figured out to push past the hatred and do their best for those that actually want to see them, and Cher is one of those that has managed to shine brighter than many when it comes to giving people what they want and ignoring the overall noise that haters tend to make. The story of her life is bound to be a series of triumphs and tragedies that will show what she’s been through, but like always, one has to wonder how many exaggerations and embellishments will be folded into the story in order to keep her a bit grounded or to make her appear larger than life.

Those that aren’t Cher fans might be rolling their eyes since this isn’t the first biopic that’s come along in the past couple of decades and it surely won’t be the last since many upon many fans are always hoping to see the life story of their favorite celebrity, no matter what they’ve done to become famous. The hope of course is that this biopic will be even-handed and not show Cher as a problematic individual or as a pure-hearted angel since there are plenty of stories that those closest to the woman could likely share that would fall on either side of the line and vilify or glorify her life in a number of ways. If there’s one thing that a biopic really needs to be, it’s as fair as it possibly can be without having to stretch the truth too far in one direction or the other. That way, people get a better idea of who the celebrity is, what they’ve done, and that they’re a regular human being that makes mistakes, experiences triumphs, and defeats, and are otherwise as normal as can be when the celebrity shine is taken off at the end of the day. Cher is one of the few celebrities that people have willingly defended when anything bad has been said about her, no matter how bad it was or what the subject was about. On the one hand, it’s a great thing that she’s inspired so many people that will defend her at the drop of a dime. On the other, it’s enough to make a person shake their head that so many people actually worship someone else in this manner. But hey, that’s a personal thing, and thinking that a biopic for Cher is deserved is a matter of opinion, and no one is being forced to care about opinions. She’s had a long and storied career, which makes it easy to think that she’s deserving in some way of a story that will depict her life and show her many accomplishments, but it’s very easy to think that there needs to be a balance to her story, as it goes with every movie.

I can almost feel people eyeballing the words to make certain that nothing negative is said about Cher since plenty of people adore her and would love to see nothing but good things for her. She’s earned them without a doubt and has earned the reputation that many have given to her. The only request for a biopic, even though it might go unheard, would be to make certain that it’s not the glowing, glorified tale of an angel that came to the people, but a woman that had to work just as hard, if not harder, than many people in show business, and accomplished something that many people could only dream of in their lifetime.

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