Brendan Fraser is Ready for Another Mummy Sequel

Brendan Fraser is Ready for Another Mummy Sequel
Brendan Fraser is Ready for Another Mummy Sequel

credit: The Mummy

 Brendan Fraser is ready for another Mummy sequel, but there are a few questions to answer. One of them is whether he can get in the shape to do so. Without offense, it is straightforward to see that age hasn’t treated Fraser that well. 

Another question is whether anyone would come back. Then there’s the question of where the story would take place. Another remake sounds like a bad idea for a few reasons. But there are other reasons that it could easily work. 

The fact that Fraser is up for this is uplifting since he was one of the several actors that brought the horror movie back years ago. Of course, casting for the other parts could end up as a massive headache. Maria Bello wasn’t a great replacement for Rachel Weisz. It’s also fair to say that bringing Arnold Vosloo isn’t a great idea. 

There’s also the question of what era this movie would take place in. This story was grounded heavily in the 1920s to 1940s, which made it even more enjoyable. But it feels likely that another movie could jump forward another decade or two, perhaps to the 60s. Such a jump could prove interesting for the characters and the mummy.

Mummy reboot

credit: The Mummy Returns

Rick O’Connell should have grandkids by now

Considering that a few decades have passed since the movies started, it’s fair to state that Rick should have retired. It feels like he should have grandkids who are every bit as ambitious as he is. But then again, that doesn’t sound like Rick or anyone that’s related to him. 

Instead, it’s bound to happen that Rick will head off on another adventure. But it is a good question to ask who would join him and whether or not Evelyn will return. The cast of this movie is up in the air at the moment since, with all honesty, it appeared as though Tom Cruise made the last attempt at a remake. 

In all fairness, none of the Mummy movies performed well after the 1999 movie. For one reason or another, the story hasn’t come off as effective, and the acting has only gotten worse. Fraser’s presence in the first movie made the feature what it was. But somehow, the third movie kind of killed all interest. 

Who would play the mummy?

Arnold Vosloo took on the role for the first two movies, while Jet Li took on the third movie. To see Vosloo return would feel awkward for a couple of reasons. One is that he’s gotten quite a bit older. The other is that one has to wonder how many chances the character is going to get. 

It’s quite likely that the change would go to another actor. However, finding an actor who could make such a role work is tough to think about. This role isn’t the most difficult in all of Hollywood, but as it is with a few others, it comes with a responsibility created when cinema was still young. 

Brendan Fraser is Ready for Another Mummy Sequel

credit: The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

The location of the movie is kind of important

The first two movies took place in Egypt, which was expected given the history of this story. The third movie moved over to China, which kind of erased the whole idea and didn’t exactly push the unification of the three movies. Where the next movie could take place is hard to say since, at this moment, there are no concrete plans. But it does feel likely that there are ideas that could take hold if they’re allowed to do so. 

What might need to happen is that Rick might have to take on a lesser role to allow someone else to step in and take the lead. Barring that, perhaps this should end up as the last time Fraser takes on the role. It could end this particular story and give it a little bit of closure. 

Or, it could open up the way for another story that might have a chance to recreate the franchise and take it forward a step or two. 

Another sequel needs to go back to the old formula

Looking closely at the movies after the 1999 remake, it’s easy to see how things went downhill. The Mummy Returns wasn’t that horrible, but the CGI left a nasty stain on the movie. Unfortunately, the third movie was a train wreck waiting to happen, and it didn’t inspire a great deal of hope for another feature. 

Maybe now that Fraser is ready to move forward, it could happen. After all, he is one of the best parts of the movies, and building another movie around his character could work. There are plenty of bases to cover, but this is an interesting idea. 

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