5 Ways Star Wars Can Last

5 Ways Star Wars Can Last
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The many different and difficult discussions that have been had about Star Wars and its future have been undeniably frustrating. Ever since George Lucas sold Lucasfilm to Disney, it was easy to believe that this would be the eventual ruination of the franchise. Such a thing hasn’t happened yet.

The future of this galaxy far, far away doesn’t appear to be doing much but spinning its collective wheels. Three of the major stars are out of the picture, and several ideas from the Legends canon have been picked at time and again. This is despite the fact that Disney stated that the Expanded Universe would not be the canon they were using to move forward. Funny how that happens, right?

So long as they don’t take full stories from the EU, it appears as though it’s okay to pick and choose. Unfortunately, a lot of their ideas are going nowhere. There are a few stories that might have the fans believing that this franchise has a solid future moving forward. There are ways to go about securing a future for Star Wars. The Mouse House has heard so many suggestions that they’re actively keeping their hands over their ears. Especially if the ideas make sense. 

Here are five ways that could secure Star Wars’ future for the coming years. 

5. Embrace the Legend’s canon

What a novel idea, right? No pun intended, but there is a wealth of source material to be found in the novels, the comics, and elsewhere. This could help to bolster the current canon and give it a large number of directions to move in. It doesn’t matter if it’s the past and the High Republic or the future. There are simply too many ideas that can be used and modified as needed in order to make the story work.

Rey already took the name Skywalker, right? There’s no need to let that name go for good. There’s also no reason why the Jedi and the Sith can’t still be part of the cinematic story. Especially since their continual issues are a part of what makes Star Wars so great. 

4. Jump into the future and keep the Skywalker name alive with Cade Skywalker. 

Cade Skywalker and his companions can still exist in the timeline. They could also end up leading the franchise in a different direction that sees a rogue Jedi, or at least a rogue Force-user, becoming a bounty hunter and trying to escape his legacy. This would perhaps give the idea that the Yuuzhan Vong War might be a good idea to develop.

That would also mean several more movies and possibly TV shows, and even games. If the Mouse House was to make it work, the fans might be enticed to start giving great reviews once again. 

5 Ways Star Wars Can Last

credit: Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens

3. Show how the Force is translated on other planets. 

The fun thing about the Force is that it doesn’t recognize any real boundaries. It’s been seen to affect many different races and species. It’s even found on many other planets, being called one thing or another. This fact is great since it could lead to further exploration of certain planets and their customs in a way that would be kind of risky. There are untold numbers of species in the Star Wars galaxy. People might be interested in seeing it on TV or on the big screen.

It’s fair to think that developing a few of them could be a great idea. 

2. Follow the source material and initiate the Dawn of the Jedi.

Seriously, showing how the Jedi and the Sith really came to be would be a great idea. It gives the Jedi an origin point. It might even explain that the Sith were once an actual race of individuals that adhered to the dark side of the Force. Revealing such an origin wouldn’t be that bad of an idea.

There’s still plenty of mystery to be had. Any continuity issues could be worked around by writers with enough skill and imagination who could tell this story. This might help to catapult it even further into the future by telling enough great stories that would keep fans and future fans interested. 

5 Ways Star Wars Can Last

credit: The Mandalorian

1. Finally, initiate the Yuuzhan Vong War

I can’t be the only one that’s been harping on this point for so long. No matter what anyone says, the Yuuzhan Vong War was one of the most disruptive and violent events in the EU. That’s saying quite a bit, considering all that’s happened. The Vong changed the galaxy in a big way, and it’s about time to see what this would look like on the big screen. 

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