5 TV Shows Canceled Because of One Stupid Mistake

The creation and planning of a TV series takes a lot of work and involves many different professionals. Before the show is aired, there are hours of footage taken and every aspect of a show is planned to the very smallest detail. This is necessary to make sure everything about the show is just right and will appeal to the target audience. If things are not right, it can lead to the failure of a series. While most shows run for a while to assess audience interest in the show before they are canceled, there are others that don’t last so long. In fact, there are some TV shows that are canceled for just one idiotic mistake.

1. Batman

The 1960s Batman series starred Adam West and was a cult classic. After the first couple of seasons, ABC was not willing to foot the bill for the series anymore. They sold the rights to NBC who wanted the sets and props to be part of the deal to save costs. Unfortunately, one of the execs at ABC made the mistake of destroying the sets. This resulted in the show being canceled.

2. Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire?

The whole point of this show was for women to compete to win a millionaire at the end of the series. The idiotic mistake made by Fox was to find a man who was not actually a millionaire. The guy had falsified his financial status and also lied about his career. The winning lady was not impressed and was very quick to file for an annulment.

3. Dallas

The producers of Dallas killed off Bobby Ewing at the end of Season Eight and quickly realized they had made a mistake. They decided to bring back his character for Season Ten after the ratings dropped in Season Nine. They faced a dilemma about how to do this and decided that the best option was to make Bobby’s death and the whole of Season Nine a bad dream experienced by Bobby’s wife Pam. Viewers were not impressed and abandoned the show leading to its cancellation.

4. Kingdom Hospital

Stephen King was asked by ABC to write and produce this TV series. Although it received Emmy nominations, there were struggles behind the scenes between King and the network. King didn’t think the network was promoting the series enough so used his own cash to launch a print ad campaign. Unfortunately, his efforts were foiled when the network’s executives changed the timeslot for the show and this led to Season One being the sole season of the show.

5. Angel

‘Angel’ was a popular spin-off series of ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’. It was canceled following a miscommunication between Joss Whedon, the show’s creator, and the network’s president. The show’s team needed some security regarding the renewal of the show as they had passed up other work while waiting for news. Whedon pushed for an early renewal and the network president perceived this as an ultimatum, thus canceling the show. The network later admitted that canceling the show was a mistake.

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