5 of the Most Unrealistic Situations in Movies

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Moments of fantasy and over-the-top ideas that couldn’t possibly happen in real life are a part of why the movies we watch are so popular. But there are those times when watching the movies can make a person roll their eyes and feel the need to call out certain moments that don’t vibe with the real world. It’s very easy to shrug your shoulders and refer to such moments as movie magic because, well, they’re movies. The things we see on screen don’t always need to be one hundred percent accurate to be entertaining since the cinematic value they bring to the screen can be enjoyed rather quickly if one doesn’t think too hard about one particular situation or scene. Thinking that movies are going to be one hundred percent accurate is a bit laughable since unrealistic scenes are a part of what makes great cinema. 

Here are five of the most unrealistic situations in the movies. 

5. Computer hackers are good enough to hack anything. 

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Not only are hackers unable to bust into any system in seconds, but the displays that one can see on the computers that are used are typically impressive and highly unrealistic. The typical display will be lines of code that aren’t particularly impressive since they don’t have the same look as what can be seen in the movies. Plus, hackers might be good at what they do, and they might be capable of hacking into one system or another that is typically unable to be accessed by many others. Still, they’re not always the keyboard wizards depicted in the movies. It’s an interesting fantasy but not as real as one might think. 

4. Being able to hear properly after firing a gun in an enclosed space must be nice. 

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Out in the open, a gunshot is still loud and could possibly damage one’s hearing depending on where the firearm is being discharged in relation to one’s ears. But in an enclosed space, the loud noise of a gunshot, a regular, singular gunshot keep in mind, can be deafening. Trying to hear properly after firing a gun in an enclosed space is difficult enough, but having a gun battle indoors is bound to leave a lot of people with ringing ears and possibly a ruptured eardrum if one is seriously unlucky. But if one is in the movies, it’s possible to have a regular conversation after firing a  gun in an enclosed space. If you can read lips, sure; otherwise, not a chance. 

3. Villains rarely kill the protagonist when they have the chance. 

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Honestly, a villain being vindictive in a movie isn’t that surprising since a lot of villains tend to want to savor the moment when they finally catch up to the individual they’ve been trying to destroy for so long. Unfortunately, this usually means that they’re willing to give their opponent a chance to survive and make a comeback that can put them over the villain. Arrogance, pride, and the insane need to allow the protagonist one chance after another to escape, survive, and come back swinging in a manner that cannot be withstood. It’s a bit dark to be fair, but the best antagonist in a movie is the one that’s ready to kill without the need to play around. 

2. Cars always explode upon impact, right?

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Scenes that give the audience a fiery, explosive view of a car blossoming into a ball of flame upon running into a wall or other solid surface are rather common since it wouldn’t matter how it happens, an exploding car is a great bit of entertainment. Anyone that has seen a car crash, which is unfortunate in real life, knows that a car crash is horrendous, but exploding for no reason isn’t what’s bound to happen when a car crashes into something that refuses to yield. The only time that a car is going to explode is if the right conditions are met, and typically this only happens on a Hollywood set. 

1. Bad guys always wait their turn when attacking someone, don’t they?

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It’s impressive to watch a single person, or a duo, take on multiple opponents, isn’t it? The bad guys tend to line up or circle around those that they’re trying to attack, and one by one, or two by two, they rush at their target in a manner that allows the hero to take them down with their greater skill or a serious amount of luck. If the hero is skilled enough a lot of fans tend to shrug their shoulders and think that it’s entertainment, that it could happen if a person is skilled enough. It could also happen if the bad guys are going to be polite enough to wait their turn. The funny thing about real life is that if a group is going to mob you, they’re not going to be that polite.

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