5 Mutants We’d Like to See in the MCU


credit: Marvel Comics

The X-Men are coming to the MCU; that much is clear, but which mutants we get to see is still up for debate. It’d be nice to see the characters that people expect to see, such as Cyclops, Jean  Grey, Storm, Wolverine, and several others, but it does feel as though it’s well past time to include other mutants in the mix since the X-Men split off into other groups a long time ago. While they’re not quite as diverse in their teams as the Avengers, the mutants of the Marvel Universe are still numerous enough that they have plenty of characters to pull from. While some of the more obscure might be desired by some folks, it’s easy to guess that a lot of people would love to see a few names that have been on the docket for a while but have not been pushed for one reason or another. Unfortunately, it does sound as if there are certain characters who can’t be used due to various issues that might come from the MCU attempting to make use of them. But one can hope, at the very least. 

Here are 5 mutants we’d like to see in the MCU. 

5. Jubilee

credit: Marvel Comics

Much like a lot of mutants that have been seen over the years, Jubilee did make her leap from the comics to the animated series and then to the big screen, but whether or not she can make it to the MCU is hard to say since she did end up being used by Sony. One might think that the company could let her and the rest of the X-Men go since there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that they belong in the MCU. But this might be easier said than done since if anyone remembers what it’s taken to get Spider-Man into the MCU and keep him around for a while, it might take just as much, if not more, this time around when it comes to the mutants of Marvel. 

4. Omega Red

credit: Marvel Comics

The name ‘Omega Red’ isn’t just a cute moniker to describe his look and level of danger, since this mutant is quite capable of becoming a global threat if he’s at his peak. The death spores that he can produce can kill a large number of people without fail, which would make him a great villain for the X-Men to fight or a possible multiverse villain that might require the X-Men to emerge. While he’s had plenty of enemies in the past, one of the favorites has been Wolverine, since these two have tussled a time or two and have been able to keep fans wanting more since their inherent toughness and unwillingness to submit has made for a few great moments. 

3. Forge

credit: Marvel Comics

Forge is a different type of mutant since, physically, he doesn’t appear to have anything special about him. He’s not super-strong. He can’t fly, he has no claws, can’t shoot eye-beams or control the weather, and he can’t turn his skin to living steel. What he can do is invent things in a manner that a lot of other individuals simply can’t since the manner in which he invents is instinctual, and highly effective. He might not be quite as smart as Reed Richard, Tony Stark, or several other highly intelligent individuals, but his capacity for inventing things is his mutant ability, as he can sense the potential in the materials he uses and can piece them together in a manner that might escape many other individuals. 

2. Dazzler

credit: Marvel Comics

Dazzler is without any doubt one of those that have joined the X-Men in the past that was bound to slip in and out of the group since she usually desired to have a normal life as an entertainer, ironic as that is. But her inclusion into the group saw her powers grow and grow until she became more than the often ridiculed character she was in the beginning. Quite a few individuals have stated that all she does is shoot light and sound, kind of the same that Jubilee shoots fireworks and globs of multicolored material. But the truth is that thanks to the evolution of her character, Dazzler is worth a lot more than people might think. 

1. Gambit

credit: Marvel Comics

What else is there to say about this entry? A lot of people have been wanting to see him return for a solo movie, but it sounds as though this isn’t going to happen any time soon. He did make an appearance in the Origins movie with Wolverine, but as many would claim, this isn’t enough, and people still want more. While Taylor Kitsch did a decent job of bringing the cajun mutant to life, the demand went out to see Gambit in his own movie. Whether or not that will ever happen is hard to hard to say, but it would be great to see him enter the MCU. 

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