Is It a Bad Time to Introduce Omega Red?

Is It a Bad Time to Introduce Omega Red?
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credit: Marvel Comics

It doesn’t feel as though excluding certain heroes and villains from the movies would be a great idea at this point, but after all the issues that have been arising between the USA and Russia over the years, would it be a good idea to introduce Omega Red int to the MCU as a villain? Honestly, that’s what this character is since his origin sees him starting off as a villain that needs to suck the life force from others to survive. But is it silly to think that Russians might see this guy as a poor representation of their people? It does feel rather silly since it’s a fictional character that’s based upon some of the worst examples that any country could give, but then again, people are bound to get offended by the strangest things these days, especially when it comes to how they’re represented, or how they feel they’re represented. To be fair, Omega Red could be a great villain on the big screen or the small screen, but it does feel as though this would need to be a unanimous decision.

Why Did the X-Men Resurrect Omega Red?

credit: Marvel Comics

He could be a great villain for Deadpool 3.

This would be especially true if Wolverine is coming back since this would give the duo someone to fight against, apart from each other. It’d be interesting to see if any Weapon X material could be worked in as well, since in the comics and in the animated feature that has been developed in the past, these three men have had something in common at one point in time. But considering how deadly Omega Red is, it would make sense that only Wolverine and Deadpool, who both have insanely strong healing factors, could take this guy on and not be dropped as lifeless husks in the first few minutes. Not only would their healing factors keep them upright, but their fighting skills are on par with Omega Red’s since each one of them has been trained to the degree that makes this kind of encounter worth watching. 

It might be wise to make sure his origin is a little more tragic, just to make certain that he’s not seen as someone who’s bad by choice. 

The one thing about being a mutant in the comics is that quite often, life is rough, especially when a character’s powers start to manifest early on and end up causing a serious amount of damage to those around them. Omega Red isn’t one of those that’s had the easiest life, especially since it would appear that fate meant to turn him into a weapon from the start. But the effort to explain why he is the way he is, not humanize him entirely, would go a long way toward character development and to bringing him into the Marvel Universe. As a villain that might have a reason for being bad and yet a serious evil streak that can’t be redeemed, Omega Red would be someone that could stand out as the type of character that might pose an actual threat to a large number of people, or a challenge to two individuals that might be specially equipped to deal with him. Imagine bringing this character into a movie that’s filled with heroes, and Deadpool and Wolverine were the only ones who could stand up to him. That would be a sight. 

The 10 Most Deadliest Villains Wolverine Ever Faced

credit: Marvel Comics

As far as representation goes, it feels as though a lot of people might not be too upset by this. 

If this were a few years ago, it might have been seen as a rather tasteless effort to smear Russia by bringing out a villain that’s from a country that the USA has had a few issues with over the years. But as of now, it might actually be a good idea to bring him in since the Marvel Universe could always use another convincing villain, and it’s easy to think that bringing in this character could up the stakes and make it known that there are still bad guys that are going to be all bad and not a watered-down version of their comic book counterparts that are pressed into service simply because they have a reputation. 

Omega Red does bring a level of danger that is tough to match sometimes. 

The fact is that he’s a dangerous individual up close and from a distance, thanks to the tentacles that extend from his arms. There have been plenty of enemies that have been introduced into various Marvel movies, but he’s one of those that could easily become a serious and very deadly threat to a lot of people in a short amount of time. Plus, the fights that he’s had with the likes of Deadpool and Wolverine have been epic since, well, he’s just one mean, nasty individual that is out to hurt people. 

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