Diving into the Life of Miss Teen USA Contender Ava Tortorici

Diving into the Life of Miss Teen USA Contender Ava Tortorici

Diving into the Life of Miss Teen USA Contender Ava Tortorici

The world of beauty pageants has captivated audiences for decades, with young girls and women donning their finest gowns, big hair, and makeup to compete for titles, trophies, and scholarships. As they work their way up the ranks, some stand out more than others. One such contender is Ava Tortorici, who is currently preparing to compete for the title of Miss Teen USA. Let’s take a closer look at this young beauty queen’s life and accomplishments.

1. Excelling in Academics

Ava Tortorici is not just a pretty face; she’s also a dedicated college student attending Montclair State University in New Jersey. With aspirations of entering the medical field, she’s double majoring in biology and exercise science. Her intelligence and hard work are evident in her impressive 4.1 GPA.

2. Embracing Sorority Life

Despite her demanding academic schedule, Ava still finds time for fun and camaraderie. She’s an active member of the Sigma Alpha Lambda and Delta Phi Epsilon sororities, where she’s formed lasting friendships and enjoyed unforgettable experiences.

3. Cheering on the Sidelines

Ava’s talents extend beyond the classroom and pageant stage; she’s also a skilled athlete. As a member of her college’s coed cheer squad, she showcases her dedication, talent, and passion for the sport.

4. Age is Just a Number

Although she’s competing in the Miss Teen USA pageant, Ava is actually 20 years old. However, this is allowed within the competition’s rules, and her age doesn’t diminish her enthusiasm or dedication to the pageant.

5. Proudly Representing New Jersey

Ava is a true Jersey girl, hailing from Montclair. Her decision to attend Montclair State University keeps her close to her friends, family, and hometown, providing a strong support system during this exciting time in her life.

6. Wearing the Miss Teen New Jersey Crown

Ava’s journey to the Miss Teen USA stage began when she was crowned Miss Teen New Jersey in 2019. With this title under her belt, she’s eager to continue her pageant journey and see where it takes her.

7. Aiming High in Her Career

Ava has big plans for her future in medicine. She aspires to become a Sports Cardiologist for the NFL, a role that few women have held. Her determination and ambition are sure to make her a trailblazer in the field.

8. Making a Difference with Her Nonprofit

In 2015, at just 15 years old, Ava founded the nonprofit organization “Athletes with Asthma.” Through this initiative, she raises awareness and support for young athletes who, like her, struggle with asthma while pursuing their athletic dreams.

9. Overcoming a Near-Death Experience

Ava’s passion for her nonprofit stems from a personal experience: she nearly died from a severe asthma attack when she was younger. This harrowing event has fueled her desire to raise awareness and help others facing similar challenges.

10. Giving Back Through Volunteering

In addition to her many other pursuits, Ava is an avid volunteer. She dedicates her time to various organizations, raising money for cancer awareness, hospitals, and even her church. Ava Tortorici is a young woman with big dreams, and she’s living them out every day.

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