Speechless Season 2 Episode 4 Review: “T-R–TRAINING D-A–DAY”


On this Week’s Episode of Speechless Jimmy has “The Talk” with both Ray and JJ. Maya and Kenneth train the Staff at Lafayette to become Aides. Dylan and the school bully team up to torture Ray.

The episode opens with Jimmy trying to have “The Talk” with Ray. He avoids it by distracting himself with other things. Eventually, he has “The Talk” with Ray and they end up in Mexico. (I found this scene hilarious.)

Maya tells Jimmy since he had “The Talk” with Ray it is only fair that he has “The Talk” with JJ too. So Jimmy decides to take JJ on a camping trip. When they arrive at the campground Jimmy starts to have “The Talk” with JJ but he tells him that he already knows about sex.

Jimmy asks JJ if he has any questions. JJ wants to know if he would ever get to have a wife, be a Dad or if he would ever be able to take care of a family. Jimmy says yes but he doesn’t really mean it.

(I thought this scene was really moving and accurate because as someone with Cerebral Palsy, wondering if you can have a family is something you think about a lot.)

While camping JJ says he wants to go out alone to get sticks for the marshmallows. Jimmy agrees to let him and then he follows him. Jimmy sets up a pile of sticks for JJ to make it easier for him. He hides so JJ won’t see him but when he gets caught JJ decides the trip is dumb and he wants to go home.

Jimmy gets trapped in the outhouse at the campground and JJ has to go get help on his own. After wheeling all night JJ makes it to the Ranger’s Station and gets help for Jimmy. Jimmy is surprised when JJ comes back with help for him.

Jimmy and JJ talk about the conversation they had earlier and Jimmy says, unlike the insincere answer he gave before to the question about JJ having a family he honestly thinks maybe JJ can one day.

Ray thinks Dylan is going to help him with a bully at school but she teams up with him instead. Dylan brings Brandon to their house, they scare Ray and duct tape him. Dylan and Brandon come up with an idea to Bully Ray at Christmas while sitting on him.

Brandon decides it is not fun bulling Ray anymore so he stops and decides to bully someone else. At the end of the episode, Ray joins the school band to try to get Brandon to bully him so that Dylan will go back to being herself and Brandon gets in trouble with Principal Miller.

Maya and Kenneth talk to the Staff about how to be Aides but none of them seem to care. So Maya goes to see Principal Miller to ask about having them replaced. She says that she can’t for different reasons so Maya comes up with a plan to make them quit.

Meanwhile, Maya is trying everything she can to get the Staff to quit. She says that they can’t take care of the kids and Kenneth tells her that she didn’t even give them a chance. Maya makes the Staff do things that have nothing to do with them being Aides like folding her sheets to get them to quit.

When she finds out Kenneth told them not to give up she gets upset. Maya see’s that the Staff won’t give up and she realizes that they do care. Maya asks Kenneth for his help again in teaching the Staff how to be Aides. They train the Staff in things Aides need to know how to do like chair-to-chair transfers. After they finish training the Staff finally get to meet the students they will be working with.

Overall, I thought this was a funny and heartwarming Episode.

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