30 Rock 5.16 “TGS Hates Women” Review

30 Rock 5.16 “TGS Hates Women” Review

30 Rock 5.16 “TGS Hates Women” Review30 Rock has always taken absurd stereotypes and turned the absurdity dial all the way to the right. It’s always something like older right-wing gentlemen (like Jack) being incredibly rude and incredibly charming at the same time, comedy writers being a bunch of sweaty nerds (like Frank and Lutz) or actors being completely insane (like Tracy and Jenna).

This week’s 30 Rock finds Liz and the writing staff accused of hating women because of some ugly stereotypes that played out in an all-Jenna episode of TGS. The staff then hires an up-and-coming comedian with a penchant for over-sharing, flaunting her cleavage and talking in a baby voice. This, of course, backfires on Liz. Meanwhile, Jack devises a plan to push his boss’ granddaughter (played by Kick-Ass’ Chloe Moretz), and heir to the Kabletown empire, Kaylie into a different career path so that he can assume control once Hank eventually dies.

The new guest writer, Abby Flynn (played by stage actress Cristin Milioti), is not quite what Liz imagined when “JoanOfSnark.com” offered a glowing review of Flynn’s fresh comedic voice. As it turns out, Abby is just a ditzy, blonde version of Sarah Silverman whose humor is closer to that of a shock-jock. Abby also falls into some ugly female stereotypes and flaunts her chest and offers sex to just about everyone.

This half of the plot seemed like a chore to sit through, mostly because Milioti played the role of the female gross-out comic so believably that it became grating on my nerves. Gross humor is fine, but not for the sake of simply being gross. Abby seemed too real to me and I just can’t stand those types of comedians.

The saving grace of the episode was Jack’s subplot. As he attempts to push Kaylie Hooper into her “dream” of becoming a marine biologist, he begins to think that he chose the wrong career. Jack once dreamed of following in Jacques Cousteau’s footsteps and exploring the oceans. It’s rare in 30 Rock to see Jack with the wonderment of a child and to have him legitimately excited about something. The best part, though, was Chloe Moretz. I was a fan of her in Kick-Ass and she fit right in to the slightly off universe of 30 Rock.

Despite a few good jokes peppered in here and there, I kept a straight face through most of the episode. It wasn’t great but it wasn’t awful. Perhaps a little boring. Let’s hope this hiccup doesn’t turn into a losing streak for 30 Rock.

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