24 Awesome Facts About the Rocky Movies

The Rocky franchise will always go down as being one of the best movie franchises of all time.  Sylvester Stallone nailed the “longshot” genre and rode it to a successful six films (we’d like to think that Rocky V never existed).  However, there are a lot of things about Rocky that people just don’t know or didn’t want to know. The facts are usually something a lot deeper than fans realize and tend to break the stereotypes that were formed during the movies.  Here are some that might surprise you:

Despite Ivan Drago seeming like a big dumb brute with only a few words to his character he’s actually very intelligent and a skilled martial artist as well.

There was a real life “Rocky” that inspired the film, and he was just about as hard-headed.

You can’t just take a great fighter like Rocky Balboa and decide to end him in a brawl in the street. That’s not the way legends are supposed to die, even if it’s happened in the past.

You tend to get the feeling that Roy Jones Jr. didn’t want to be associated with Rocky. Yet he showed up as a guest star in Married With Children and Southpaw.

Stallone has come to be known for his capability to take a role so far that he actually will manage to sustain injuries while training for a part where he’s about to get his head knocked off.

This seems like it would be a lot more memorable than just sitting around in a restaurant. The constant movement definitely helps the dialogue.

That seems excessive even for a boxer but to be honest I’m not up on their training so I wouldn’t know. Still, it seems like a lot.

Well heck no. Rocky got his bell rung in the first fight and wasn’t nearly ready for Clubber Lang. Unfortunately Lang had the same problem in the second fight and tried to show off by using his heaviest punches.

Salmonella must not have been a big concern back in those days. If someone tried to do this now they’d have almost everyone griping at them about how unhealthy it is.

He was a hired thug, of course it was supposed to be darker. Stallone had to push as hard he could just to get what went into the movie to be shown.

He looks truly uncomfortable when he’s doing these scenes, which could be what he was going for no matter that he obviously had a bit of trouble at times being understood.

It wouldn’t do much for the movie to show a nearly empty arena, and extras don’t always come cheap when you need that many of them.

That doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, and it wouldn’t have been nearly the same if that title had gone through.

Roberto Duran, whose story is loosely told in Hands of Stone was one of the only boxers to ever get the full respect of Sugar Ray Leonard.

There had to be something with a little more finality, a tying up of loose ends of sorts, that would make the series really feel like it had done something special.

It sure looked real, choreography or not. Obviously they’re not killing each other as it looks like, but the dance was pretty well done.

Fans sometimes need to realize that even the top guy can fall off of his perch from time to time.

I pity the foo’ that don’t like Mr. T’s hairstyle!

Paulie definitely needed the right actor. It’s just amazing that Stallone, who brought the movie to light, wasn’t the first choice for his desired role.

He looked like he was chiseled out of stone for the third movie.

If your character’s nickname is the Italian Stallion and he’s hailing out of Philadelphia then you definitely need some onsite scenes.

He didn’t look like he bulked up that much, but then he was in the ring with Dolph Lundgren so it was hard to notice.

It shouldn’t matter if different actors wear the same hat. It’s not the same story and therefore not bound to be a problem.

That kind of training seems like it would take a heavy toll on anybody.

So how many of these facts did you happen to know?


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