2019 Holiday Movies Starring Young and the Restless Stars

Young and the Restless fans are always excited about the characters on the show. It’s hard not to be when they come and go the way that they do, but this is a time when they are coming and going so fast it’s almost hard to keep up. So many have left and gone their own ways in the past few years, and it’s been hard to focus on anything other than where they are and if we will ever see them again. When you have a favorite daytime actor or actress, you never want to see them leave. But, it seems that some have to go sometimes, but they sometimes come back.

Melissa Claire Egan is one of those women. She left a while ago, but she recently came back and made us all feel very happy. She’s the lovely Chelsea, who left back in 2018 when things went crazy for her. She was a woman who was thoughtfully boring and not all that exciting. She was with Nick, but she’d been with his deceased brother for a time before that. She and Adam had a strange history, but they seemed like they made a decent couple. However, she was suddenly someone who came out doing bad and horrible things behind everyone’s back, and no one could eve handle it. She was a mess, and she took off without much warning.

She was gone the better part of a year, but we knew she’d be back the moment that the show brought Adam back to life. We were not wrong about it, either. She did come back, she did make a move, and she did change the way the game was played. She was a woman who had some issues of her own to face, and she’s back now. She’s not with Adam, but she’s off to the side struggling with Nick. They seem happy enough, but we do not see this lasting very long. For now though, she’s back, and we don’t have to miss her anymore.

The even better news is that she’s also going to be in a new project coming up. You know how Hallmark is a channel that brings seasonal movies to our lives and makes us happy about all the things? Well, we have good news for fans of this lovely actress. She’s going to show up in a Hallmark Movie when it’s time to countdown to Christmas, and it’s going to be lovely and beautiful and wonderful and perfect. She’s going to star in a movie called Holiday for Heroes. We don’t know much about it, what it entails, or what it will bring, but we do know she will be in it. We assume it will be a military or some sort of medical or law enforcement situation that brings her to a small Christmas town or celebration in which heroes are recognized. We assume she will fall for a man who did something wonderful at some point, they will have some sort of misunderstanding about their lives, they will go their separate ways, and they will not seem like they can make it work.

But we all know that it is not the case at all. They will make it work. They will end up together. They will be there for one another. They will have it all, and they will make it all work. They will be everything we thought we needed to see in a couple like them, and we will all be so happy to see this happen. We cannot wait to see this one, and we have all the information you need right now. This beautiful countdown to Christmas movie will air for the very first time on Friday, November 8 at 9 pm. It will be one of the first week of Christmas movie movies, and we are so excited about it. That weekend is also going to bring a few more Daytime Stars to the movie world as a few Bold and the Beautiful actors will share the weekend in their own never-before-seen Hallmark holiday movies. It should be a great weekend, and we know we’ll be watching with our husbands.

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