18 Funniest Moments from The League Season 5

the league season 5 funniest moments

“The League” was a show on FX that featured a very interesting group of lifelong friends that are highly invested in two things: fantasy football and destroying each other’s lives. Throughout the show, we saw a variety of things from celebrity appearances to crazy venture ideas and even death and birth. Most of the time, however, the show displayed the characters trying to get some simple revenge on one another only for it to evolve into some sort of extremely destructive series of events. Below we’re going to detail some of the funniest of those moments from season 5 of “The League”.

18. Ruxin’s Final Sacko Punishment

The later seasons of “The League” started to incorporate a loser’s trophy into their league, as well as the winner of each season taking care of the Shiva trophy until the next winner. This trophy however had quite the evolution when it came to its name, but the punishments for losing have always been intense. By the time the 5th season of “The League” came around, the trophy was officially known as The Ruxin. With a wonderful bronze bust made of Ruxin’s face with the sack of a bull from the previous trophy: The Sacko. As seen in the moment below, Ruxin has been kidnapped by Rafi and his group of friends for his final Sacko punishment.

17. Rafi Tells Ted How to “Fix” His AIDS

Rafi showed during many of the funniest moments during season 5 that he not only just doesn’t think before he speaks but he generally just never cared and says whatever the hell he wants at any moment. Of course, even with this in mind, it was incredibly shocking when Rafi acted like he had a cure for AIDS. When it came to Rafi’s so-called secret, he suggested taking one baby Aspirin, unless Ted is going to fly, he suggested he took two.

16. The League Smokes Drinks With Snoop Dogg

There have been damn near countless celebrity appearances in “The League”, but season 5 had some of the funniest with an appearance from Snoop Dogg. Most of the time on “The League”, the characters would somehow encounter a football player, an analyst, or someone else related to professional football or fantasy sports. In this specific moment with the celebrity guest being Snoop Dogg, it’s only natural that Taco was able to get Pete and others to smoke their drinks with the rapper.

15. Andre’s New Business Partner

Earlier we stated about guest appearances in”The League”, well one type of guest appearance we didn’t talk about was comedians. A very large portion of the guest characters in episodes that appeared was played by fellow comedians such as Nick Kroll. In the moment below that featured one of the funniest that featured a guest featured Aziz Ansari. The role Aziz played was a rival-turned-almost-partner as he was a rival plastic surgeon to Andre but as each of them wasn’t a demographic or area that another had more control over the two ended up too greedy to gain an actual partnership.

14. Dirty Randy Asks For His Severance Package

Earlier in “The League”, before season 5, we were introduced to Rafi’s best friend Dirty Randy, portrayed by Seth Rogan, and somehow he was possibly more insane than Rafi appeared to be. The episode that one of the funniest moments came from, was an episode dedicated entirely to Rafe and Dirty Randy’s friendship as they investigate their friend’s death. Overall, the episode mentioned led to a very special episode that featured the origins of these two insane characters.

13. J.J. Watt at the Bachelor Draft

Yet again, we were given another celebrity appearance, this time in the form of an NFL player with J.J. Watt, who has never been shy to appear in comical situations, such as in commercials. J.J. Watt was even featured in several moments from “The League” and they are easily among the funniest. In season 5 specifically, and in this moment, J.J. Watt was practically recruited to make Ruxin as angry as possible.

12. Kevin Gets Caught

One of the most interactive celebrities, and NFL players, to have appeared on “The League”, in season 5 and other moments from the show, was Jay Cutler and his wife. Eventually, Kevin and Jenny are invited to a party at the celebrity couple’s house and of course, Kevin destroyed their freshly renovated bathroom. Kevin wasn’t feeling well so he made the bathroom smell and in order to fix it, he sprayed what he thought was air freshener, only to have been caught by Jenny and the couple spraypainting all over.

11. Wedding Trade

Some of the earlier episodes of season 5 of “The League” were featured in Los Angeles, as that’s where Andre and Trixie decided that they were having their destination wedding. In doing so, their friend Ted was actually able to participate in league events for this draft and at the beginning of the season, we saw a good bit of him. As everyone had to return home eventually, Ted was set in the background again. However, while we had the entire gang in the same room for the wedding, a trade of course had to happen behind Trixie’s back right in front of her.

10. Acockalips

As with most of our funniest moments from season 5 of “The League” we have Rafi and Dirty Randy yet again on our ranked list at the 11th spot with their porno scene from what they called “Acockalips”. The whole ordeal came from the two friends arguing over a proper title for their porno, based on the ends of days rumored from the end of the Mayan calendar. Eventually, the girl in the movie they are making, said that she was told it was “The Mayan Acockandlips” so once the two were told that, they instantly settled with what they believed was the better name.

9. Rafi and Dirty Randy Steal Kevin’s Car

As stated several times in our list of funniest moments from season 5 of “The League”, above and below, Rafi and Dirty Randy are absolutely outrageous and always brought some of the funniest moments, no matter what the situation. In the specific moment below, however, the two steal Kevin’s car and head towards Los Angeles in order to investigate their friend’s death. Upon stealing Kevin’s car, we saw the two do everything with the car from filling it with trash to doing drugs in it and even laying on the front of the car as it drove by itself. The biggest mystery was how they managed to somehow, actually make it to Los Angeles, being the way that the two are, then again they did get arrested so I suppose it all made sense.

8. Season Finale

One of the funniest and most outrageous moments from season 5 of “The League” actually featured everyone in church screaming and cursing over the final scores between everyone. Overall, the scores ended up making a MacArthur Sacko and a MacArthur Shiva winner in the same house and that was already something worth laughing about. Overall it ended with Ruxin stating the very cheerful words “Ruxin is no longer The Ruxin, Kevin is The Ruxin.”, something we ranked a little higher on our list of funniest moments from season 5 of “The League”.

7. Rafi Converts to Judaism

Rafi, being the insane person that he is, definitely delivered some of the funniest moments from season 5 of “The League”, especially so in his undying love for Ruxin’s sister out of nowhere. However, in order for her to actually be with Rafi, he had to not only convert to her religion but also prove that he was serious about it. Surprisingly Rafi made progress towards this but when he discussed it with Ruxin’s sister his specific words were “I’m pretty much killing it on the Jew front.” which were absolutely not the right set of works but that’s not really anything for Rafi.

6. Why Are You Drag Racing?

Many of the moments from our funniest moments from season 5 of “The League” ranked list involved not only Rafi but also Dirty Randy. While many of the moments were taken from the episode of the season that was entirely from the perspective of Rafi and Dirty Randy, the moment below was from early in their adventure to Los Angeles. Eventually Rafi and Dirty Randy stole Kevin’s car in order to get to Los Angeles but before that, the two immediately went to a parking garage looking for each other’s cars. when Rafi asked Dirty Randy where his car was he exclaimed that he lost it by drag racing with Korean teenagers, even Rafi has some questions.

5. Rafi and Randy at the Police Station

Yet again, from season 5 of “The League”, we have Rafi and Dirty Randy, but this time around the two were doing possibly one of the dumbest things yet by the two. In the specific moment below Rafi and Dirty Randy argue with a cop on various different subjects from Batman to being vigilantes and even the legalities of lighting a car on fire. Overall, the cop is clearly beyond annoyed at the two due to the fact that Rafi and Dirty Randy have their own perception of the laws, as well as what is and isn’t right to do considering they admit that they may be behind an upcoming murder, luckily the cop didn’t take that seriously.

4. Ruxin Choir

As mentioned almost directly above from another one of the funniest moments from season 5 of “The League”, after everyone found out the scores from the final games of the season that it was going to be a MacArthur Sacko Bowl, Ruxin pulled out one more grand idea to show his bragging rights. Throughout the show, Ruxin always took every opportunity to showboat in front of the others, as aggressively and as often as possible.

3. Taco’s Truck

As “The League” winded down towards its final season, Taco got fewer opportunities to transform moments into a song but with fewer songs came more important songs. As the show progressed the songs became slightly more serious, in having to do more with Taco’s business ventures, compared to making sexually charged birthday songs. With Taco’s Truck, he decided to sell food out of his uncle’s van, where he also had a petting zoo, but not tacos, just American classics. Of course, this was a mistake as people naturally were asking for Mexican food.

2. Spazz’s Last Words

For the second to last spot on our funniest moments from season 5 of “The League”, and second, to last that featured Rafi and Dirty Randy, we have the two freaking out over their friend Spazz’s last words. As stated above, Rafi and Dirty Randy were in a mental institution, where they met, and this is where they also met Spazz. Later in “The League”, we will be gifted an origin story of Rafi and Dirty Randy. The moment starts when Rafi charged the library that Dirty Randy worked at and made a mess while doing so until Randy came to him. Once they started talking Rafi told Dirty Randy Spazz had gotten shot in the head and is now dead, to which Dirty Randy recalled the overly sexual things he said to Spazz the last time he had seen him.

1. Rafi and Dirty Randy Investigate

From the moment mentioned above, Rafi and Dirty Randy find out that Spazz is dead and being shot in the head is what killed him, they travel to Los Angeles to investigate their friend’s death because Rafi and Dirty Randy have never shown fear. However, when the two are in the strip club, they started to refer to the dancers as “clues”, which showed that no matter how serious the situation, they will always be too obsessed with sex to not have it come up in every single situation. Overall, the moment below was labeled as the funniest moment from season 5 of “The League” as it featured some of the smartest wordplays from the characters but also held an episode that fans probably thought they would never get, an all Rafi/Dirty Randy episode.

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