1600 Penn 1.12 “Bursting the Bubble” Review

1600-Penn-Bursting-the-BubbleIn the first of last night’s 1600 Penn episodes, Skip was finally getting over Stacey by heading to a ball as the Princess Abigail (played by a barely recognizable Hannah Simone, New Girl) of Andorra’s escort. While showing her around the White House, Abigail planted a big, wet kiss on Skip. It seems that sweet and innocent Abigail was a hot mess of a woman who liked to funnel Absinth and get to warehouse raves. Being perfect all the time took a toll and it manifested by Abigail looking like an extra in a Gorillaz video.

Skip drunk off Absinth was amazing and I want to compliment someone on how much they tinkle tankle and frolic with people that looked like stepped through the wardrobe from Narnia. In the end, Skip didn’t want to play Abigail’s game, but Marshall seemed like he might be willing to.

Meanwhile, D.B was put to the test of his parenting skills by babysitting Marigold and Xander. Trying to show off her superior parenting skills, Becca gets caught up in her siblings first-person shooter game. But who would’ve thought her getting caught up in the game that D.B. would have a great parenting moment with Xander and Marigold by equating video games to crack cocaine. He’s not just a pretty face and washboard abs.

Emily and Standrich were shocked that D.B. was able to teach the kids a valuable lesson while staying with Becca which she binged on the video. Was it just me or did D.B. kind of say that he loved Becca? It seed to go right over Emily and Standrich’s heads and Becca was to strung out to notice.

Quote of the night:

Becca: D.B doesn’t have the parenting experience I have.

D.B.: Not true. I’ve seen Taken and Taken 2.


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