10 Things You Don’t Know About Jordana Brewster

10 Things You Don’t Know About Jordana Brewster
10 Things You Don’t Know About Jordana Brewster

Credit: @jordanabrewster

She’s been acting since she was only 15, and her fans cannot believe it’s been so long since Jordana Brewster became famous. The days are long, but the years are quick. She began her career as a daytime soap star – a path many of the most famous actors and actresses in Hollywood follow – and it changed the game for her. She’s recently remarried, she’s living her best life, and she’s more famous than ever. Here is everything you need to know about Jordana Brewster.

1. She’s an 80s Baby

She gets to say it with gusto, too. She was born in the 80s. Her date of birth is April 26, 1980, so she literally grew up in the 80s. She is among the group of us born at the beginning of the decade who grew up with the coolest parts of life all right there for us but without the stress of cell phones, the internet, and social media. It was a good time to be alive.

2. She is Panamanian

Jordana Brewster is Panamanian. She was born in Panama City, Panama, but she moved around a lot as a child. She lived in London, England, Brazil, and New York City, all before she was 10. It was a very busy childhood for this young actress.

3. Her Grandfather is Super Famous

Jordana Brewster’s paternal grandfather is an exceptionally famous man. His name is Kingman Brewster Jr., and he is a former president of Yale University. He served as president from 1963 until 1977. He left his position as president of the university to serve as the United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom.

4. Jordana Brewster Naturally Graduated from an Ivy League School

When you are smart and intelligent, and when your grandfather is the man who served as the President of Yale University for more than a decade, you get to choose where you want to go to college. Surely, you’ll find yourself shocked she chose to attend courses at Yale University. With a last name like Brewster, why not? She graduated in 2003 with a degree in literature.

10 Things You Don’t Know About Jordana Brewster

Credit: @jordanabrewster

5. Her Mother is Famous, Too

It seems that fame tends to run in her family. While her father wasn’t famous – though he was a successful investment banker – her mother was famous. Her name is Maria Joao (Leal de Sousa), a famous model from Brazil. She’s the woman on the cover of the 1978 Sports Illustrated issue. Her career as a swimsuit model was highly successful.

6. She Met Her First Husband at Work

She was working on his film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning when they met. They were engaged in 2006 and married at a destination wedding in the Bahamas in 2007. During their marriage – which lasted until 2021 – they welcomed two children. They used a surrogate to carry their children, so it was quite easy for them to keep their pregnancies a secret until they were ready to announce their children had arrived. Both of their kids are boys, and they were born in 2013 and 2016.

7. She Remarried in 2022

She announced the end of her marriage in 2020, and her divorce was finalized in 2021. That’s when she met someone new, and they married in 2022. His name is Mason Morfit, and he is the CEO of a company called ValueAct Capital.

8. She Calls Her First Marriage a Rush and Says She Was Too Young

She’s been quite candid about her first marriage and why it did not last. She was only 27 when she married her first husband. They moved in together almost immediately after meeting, and it was all just rushed for her. She developed an eating disorder during their first year of marriage. She very much likes the man she was married to and has children with, but she realized throughout their marriage that if they were not busy with projects, they didn’t have much in common or much to say. They lived their lives, but it was very much in a parallel universe. She was done with that.

10 Things You Don’t Know About Jordana Brewster

Credit: @jordanabrewster

9. She Met Her Second Husband When They Were Both Married

She met her second husband long before she divorced her first one. They were both married to other people at their initial meeting. She began following him on Instagram, he followed her back, and she would become giddy when he liked her posts. She got on a plane to meet him a second time four days after she separated from her husband.

10. Everyone Told Her It Was too Fast

For a woman who called her first marriage a total rush and said everything about her first husband and their marriage was rushed, she did the same thing the second time around. They met four days after she and her husband split. They began flying to see one another every other week during the pandemic and figuring out how to blend their families. She said her therapist and all of her friends told her to slow down, but she did not.

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