10 Things You Didn’t Know about Sydney to the Max

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Sydney to the Max

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Sydney to the Max

One thing that’s true no matter which channel you watch is that change is going to have to inevitably happen and new shows are going to have to be brought in to spice things up a bit. Sydney to the Max appears to be another show that’s theme is to show the vast difference between kids and their parents and yet bring them together in a way that is well-known and comforting to the viewer, much as many shows on the Disney Channel have been throughout the years. The story of a young girl that lives with her father and grandmother and is growing up in a modern world that is much different than her father remembers as a child is something that a lot of us can likely relate to since at this point in our lives we’ve either done it or are still doing it. But it’s also great for kids since it gives them an idea that whatever they’re going through, their parents have gone through as well.

Here are a few things about the show you might not have known.

10. The show goes through a lot of flashbacks in an attempt to connect the father’s life with his daughter’s.

Even when the lot of us were young there were things that we figured that our parents didn’t understand because, well, how could they? But this show is one of the many that at least takes the time and effort to show just how parents did in fact meet some of the same challenges in a different era.

9. It’s one of the newest shows on the Disney Channel.

The show just started up in January 2019 and seems to be planning to stick around for a while to come so long as the overall reaction to it is positive and it can keep up in the ratings. Something seems to indicate however that this show might find a spark with the current generation of viewers though.

8. The show was given the green light back in September of 2018.

Why it didn’t start sooner is what a lot of people might want to know but when it comes to releasing a new show there seems to be a whole lot of things that need to be done first in order to make sure that it’s going to be well-received.

7. It will feature multiple camera angles.

Unless you know something about this then such a fact might not mean much, but multiple camera angles will give a different perspective on the show in a manner that might make it a little more interesting for some viewers.

6. The show is a comedic look at a young girl’s life as she’s growing up.

There are bound to be some hints of drama and other material in there since despite being created as a comedy there does have to be something else in the series at times or else the funny kind of wears out after a while.

5. The father is, as you can guess, kind of protective.

A lot of parents in this current generation would likely understand this feeling when it comes to raising a child in the modern era as there seems to be no end to the number of things that they want to protect their child from. But as you might correctly guess he’ll go overboard a time or two.

4. The actresses playing Sydney and Ava are friends in real life.

They met behind the scenes it sounds like and became good friends after a short time. This makes things a lot easier since their on screen chemistry is bound to be better considering that they know at least a little of what the other is thinking during a scene and how to react to one another.

3. There’s a big difference shown between Max’s past and now.

Max does get flashbacks to when he was a kid and how his mom would solve an issue in his life or how he would get through it with his best friend Leo. This kind of correlates with something that’s going on in his daughter’s life in the current time period.

2. There really isn’t a lot of explanation to be found on where Sydney’s mom is.

The chances are good that you’ll find out more about Sydney’s mom in the series than you will anywhere else since the question is bound to come up when any one parent is missing. People tend to want to know these things.

1. Throughout the show it’s seen that the kids of the modern era are shown to gain an understanding of what their parents experienced when they were younger.

Thanks to a definite generation gap kids don’t tend to think that adults understand what their lives are like, but then again, the kids don’t seem to understand what life was like for their parents when they were younger.

It does look like a fun show to watch.

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