David Hasselhoff is Playing Himself in German Action Series Ze Network

David Hasselhoff has been a huge icon throughout the length of his career, but while he’s been famous in America, he’s been a rockstar in Europe since Knight Rider was a huge show that Europeans went nuts over. As of now, he’ll be taking on a project titled Ze Network, where he’ll be playing a darker version of himself as he gets cast in a theater play and has to deal with Cold War-era assassins. It sounds like something from the 80s or 90s, to be honest, and in this day and age it sounds like it’s par for the course given everything that’s been happening with Hollywood over the past couple of decades. Hasselhoff has been a name that some have laughed at and some have revered for quite a few years now, so thinking that he’s bound to simply go away anytime soon isn’t really a thought that needs to be entertained because, quite simply, it isn’t going to happen. In all fairness, he’s not the worst actor in the world and he’s had quite a bit of success in a few different ways, enough to the point that he has earned his icon status, no matter how ironic it might be at times. Enough people love the ‘Hoff that it’s worth it to simply go with it and admit that he’s someone that people respond to in a very positive manner.

Trying to think of Hasselhoff as an action star at this point though is a little hard to picture simply because the guy is in his late 60s and is nowhere near in the same shape that he was in several decades ago, as age has taken quite a bit, along with other aspects of his life. But his popularity has yet to fade and the star status he enjoys in Europe is hard to figure out, but everyone has their thing, and for a lot of people in Europe, that’s the ‘Hoff. Between his singing and his acting careers, the guy has made a name for himself over the years and has been doing what he could to make a comeback since to be certain, Hasselhoff hasn’t really been the type to maintain the same kind of fame that he had when he was still a part of Baywatch, or even when he starred in Knight Rider. Time and age have taken a great toll on him over the years, and while his name hasn’t been forgotten, his reputation has taken a few hits along the way, especially when it came down to the infamous video of the ‘Hoff muttering drunkenly into the camera in his own home. Thankfully he wasn’t anywhere he could have done any serious damage, but the blow to his reputation at that point was a pretty big hit, and it’s something that’s still remembered by quite a few people.

He’s been doing his best to mount a big comeback for a while and simply being sober and acting like his old self, in a good way, has done a lot, since quite a few people still want to remember him as he was, not as he’s become over the years. It’s hard to tell just what Ze Network is going to do for his reputation or if it’s simply going to be another chance to see the ‘Hoff at work. A lot of people are hoping for the best since one thing that Hasselhoff can do when he’s at his best is get people on his side with his charm and the experience that he’s gained over the years. There are bound to be quite a few fans that are going to want to tune in and see if the ‘Hoff still has it, or if it’s time to retire and kick back a bit while his legend continues to move forward. Some would say that working for a legacy instead of a paycheck is something that fools do, but in some cases, a legacy is something you let sit, kind of like a bank account that keeps accruing interest, until it’s time to cash it in and enjoy the rewards that come from it. In other words, worrying about the legacy itself is kind of foolish, but recognizing that everything a person does leads up to that legacy, whether it’s good or bad, is what a wise individual will be thinking about.

Hasselhoff still has a lot of juice in Hollywood as it’s been seen that people are still willing to cast him and a lot of fans are still willing to watch pretty much anything he does. So to think that he’ll do just fine and keep building that legacy is easy. The only thing that’s difficult is thinking that he might be called upon for an action sequence or two.

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