10 Things You Didn’t Know about Robin Tunney

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Robin Tunney

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Robin Tunney

Robin Tunney is someone that you’d likely recognize if you saw her since she does carry a bit of a presence and is good at what she does. But in terms of being a lead she’s been in the position but not as often as others. She can fill the lead position of a movie quite well in fact though at times her characters seem a little passive, as though not being the hottest woman on screen makes her need to lean back from time to time in order to let the bigger personalities come through. But when the moment comes for her to take control she has no trouble doing so since she’s just forceful enough in her delivery and yet smooth enough with her acting that she can steal the spotlight back without a hitch. A lot of times she’s played the woman that needs help, but when she plays someone that doesn’t need aid as much she’s pretty impressive.

Here are a few things you might not have known about Robin.

10. If you didn’t know, she was wearing a wig in The Craft.

She shaved her head for the movie Empire Records before being cast to The Craft and her hair was still pretty short so she had to resort to wearing a wig. Unless a person was aware of this however it’s likely that they would have had no idea.

9. She had a huge passion for basketball earlier in her life.

Robin was big into basketball and even had a dream of making it work for her later in life. But unfortunately she wrecked her knee and had to have reconstructive surgery, which any baller knows means that there’s a slim to none chance of ever taking the court in a professional manner.

8. People just assume she was a part of Charmed.

It’s been said that Charmed was a huge rip-off of The Craft, which is plausible when you look at it, and a lot of people simply assumed that she was going to be on the show since she was after all the lead witch by the end of the movie. But sad to say she didn’t make the cut.

7. She gave birth to her first child at the age of 44.

This wouldn’t be a big deal save for the fact that as a woman gets older her ability to give birth starts to become a bigger risk. The younger a woman is the riskier it is, and the older a woman gets the more risk they take on as their bodies first aren’t fully ready for the rigors of pregnancy and labor, and as they get older women are less and less able to handle it as well. But everything went fine it sounds like, which is possible if a woman is healthy and knows how to take care of herself. It’s a case by case thing after all.

6. Robin has appeared in the pilot episode of five different shows.

She’s been in Class of ’96, House, Prison Break,  Cutters, and The Mentalist when they first started off, so it’s fair to say that having her there was a good idea since the shows actually went on to be remembered by a lot of people.

5. She’s played a character named Zoe 3 different times.

It’s kind of interesting when a person plays someone with the same name in three different movies, especially when the movies aren’t related to one another. It kind of makes you wonder if she just likes the name.

4. At times she’s felt guilty for having to tell people she didn’t know what was going to happen in shows she was a part of.

Robin was raised in a please and thank you manner and to tell the truth, so it kind of ran against her morals to have to lie to people when they asked her what was going to happen next in a show. Most actors get in a lot of trouble if they reveal too much after all, as it kind of spoils the whole thing.

3. She doesn’t care for the idea of having to be sexy to get attention.

There’s no doubt she understands why women that show off their bodies get attention but she doesn’t get the whole idea of having to shed clothing in order to make people like you that much more. It’s a fair assessment since the more that women take off at times the more they get called other things that are less complimentary. It’s not right, but it does happen.

2. Shaving her head was something she actually wanted to do.

Her mother was apparently kind of strict and told Robin what to do for most of her life, so shaving her head was something that she wanted to do in order to see what it was like. But after a while she got tired of it and let her hair grow out.

1. She loves to gamble.

She loves to play cards, and doesn’t mind sliding up to a table in a casino to entertain herself. There’s a big difference between liking to gamble and being a degenerate gambler though.

She’s easy to miss in a movie occasionally but when she’s meant to be seen she’s hard not to notice.

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