10 Things You Didn’t Know about Minka Kelly

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Minka Kelly

It’s easy to admit that it’s hard to keep up with every name in show business since there are some that experience a resurgence and some that are just now coming out and making a go at their careers. Minka Kelly has been around for a while however and has been seen to be an added bonus to many projects that she’s been on throughout the years, adding her experience and very carefree nature to any production. It might seem surprising but she’s actually more down on herself than anyone else could possibly be in some ways, though by saying that one has to remember that as bad as it sounds she’s a woman that admits her faults, but also lives with them and is so comfortable with herself that they cease to matter most of the time. That’s self-confidence, and it’s a lot more attractive to many people in various ways than physical beauty.

Here are a few things you might not have known about Minka.

10. She was in school to become a surgical technician but she got hooked on acting.

Acting wasn’t exactly her go-to profession of choice but instead something she seemed to fall into instead. There are a few people in show business that can attest to this and can be completely honest when it comes to describing how their career got started.

9. Minka was secretly engaged to Derek Jeter but ended the relationship a year later.

They were engaged in January of 2010 but were split by August of 2011, so it was a little over a year and a half to be honest. Celebrity relationships don’t always seem to last that long it seems, but then if one looks at the divorce rate in the country they’ll find that it’s not just celebrities.

8. She fully admitted that modeling just wasn’t in her future.

Recognizing her own flaws was probably better than letting someone else do it since she could then walk away from the profession without any doubts or regrets. But when you hear that she believes that she had too big a backside for modeling one has to wonder why anyone would find that to be a detriment. That’s a discussion for a different article however.

7. Minka happens to think that brutal honesty is a good policy.

One doesn’t have to be particularly nasty about it, but brutal, up-front honesty can still be a good policy since it doesn’t allow for a lot of dissembling and lying that can build a person up only to have them come crashing down when they realize the truth. The truth might hurt, but it’s a quick pain that can fade and even create determination and a stronger sense of character.

6. She values self-confidence.

There is something very attractive about self-confidence that draws people to one another. It’s the idea of knowing that the person you’re looking at is completely comfortable in their own skin and doesn’t feel the need to impress anyone with a lot of fake bravado.

5. Her move to California was more to get out of Albuquerque than to go into acting.

It sounds like Minka was needing a change of scenery more than anything and getting into acting was just something that seemed to happen as a byproduct of the move. Things do happen in a strange way when you’re not looking.

4. She hasn’t been classically trained as an actor.

It’s kind of fun to learn these kind of things when you don’t know much about an actor. Then you can go back and see what they’ve done and marvel that they’re working off of pure instinct and nothing that they’ve been taught to do in the past. Maybe that’s why some actors are so much better at what they do rather than those that have been on stage for so long.

3. She’s definitely a tomboy by admission.

Everyone has their type but there is something about a woman that’s a professed tomboy that attracts some men and gets them going when it comes to the whole aspect of not having to step lightly around them. Tomboys can be girly-girls too, but by her own admission Minka is someone that enjoys being who she is and doesn’t want to change.

2. Minka works more on personal experience than anything.

This is how she acts and it’s kind of inspiring since the emotions, the situations her characters find themselves in, and everything about it is coming right from the gut, which is hard for some people to do but is all she really has since she wasn’t trained like so many others.

1. She had an option to have her breasts augmented but she declined.

Minka had the option of having her breasts augmented for hours worked but declined, which ended up getting her fired. She moved on from the job however and kept auditioning and working where she could.

Right now it seems her career is on a high note, it’ll be interesting to see where it goes from this point.

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