10 Things You Didn’t Know about Legend Hunter

Some people let legends lie as they will, while others, such as Pat Spain, want to know the truth and are determined enough to go looking no matter what it costs or what they might find. The show airs on the Travel Channel and seems like it might be a hit for those that enjoy digging up the past and those that love conspiracy theories. Spain is after all going after legends that many have disputed over the years are either impossible or simply don’t exist, and he’s bound to find something, anything, to show that some of these legends are all too real. The only detriment to digging up the past is that sometimes all you get is dirty without anything to show for it. But at this point there’s a lot of hope that through his explorations and scientific methods he might find something useful to help reshape our perceptions of the past and fully explain matters that have been stymied by mystery for so long.

Here are a few things you might not know about the show just yet.

10. The show travels to many different locations to discover whatever legend they’re seeking.

Given that there are legends all over the world to either be sorted out or debunked in one way or another it makes sense that one would have to travel and therefore be added to the Travel Channel as a byproduct of this. But Spain is no doubt willing to go the distance to find out what lies beneath the scope of human history, or just behind it.

9. These legends tend to be based in a great deal of fact as well as conjecture.

Some of the legends are in fact rooted in very real circumstances that have a solid basis in the reality we know. Unfortunately the tales and stories that surround each legend tend to grow with each passing generation, meaning that layers upon layers of falsehoods might need to be sifted through first to get to the truth.

8. Obviously everything has been filmed before time.

This isn’t a live show after all and everything has already been handled and discovered before the audience gets to see what’s going on. Live shows are a bit hard to run at times and in this case might not be all that possible without massive interruptions.

7. Despite the suspense every area has to be carefully vetted to avoid breaking any laws or customs.

Given that some legends and the objects that created them do exist in various parts of the world where different countries hold sway it’s a wise idea to get permission when it’s needed and to make certain that no one’s going to object to any digging or possibly desecrating of property.

6. Pat Spain is a wildlife biologist and explorer.

He’s a proven scientist apparently that has a very big passion for exploring that was passed down through his family and his determination is only another piece of what is bound to keep him on the trail of the legends he goes after.

5. One goal of the show is to explore and explain things that conventional sciences says are impossible.

A good example would be the legend of a werewolf-type creature that’s said to exist in Wisconsin and has apparently been seen for some time. While many would scoff and say such a thing is impossible Spain is the kind of guy that’s going to go after it to see if he can prove it or disprove it.

4. There’s a big grain of salt to be taken with some of these discoveries.

Do remember that this is a TV show and as such needs to be taken as a bit of entertainment no matter how much realism there might be. If something is proven to be real then it usually becomes a matter for a team of investigators to take over. But there’s always a chance that he’s finding things all on his own.

3. Among the legends he’s trying to sort out are Lizzie Borden and Jack the Ripper.

Both of these legends have been mired in controversy for many upon many years since there have always been a few inconsistencies in the narrative of each legend that don’t quite add up. Spain actually stated that he might have suspects in mind due to his scientific research that no one would have ever suspected.

2. The crew has to deal with inclement weather on some occasions.

Nature is going to do what it wants obviously so some of the sites the show visits aren’t always going to be as friendly as the crew wants them to be. That’s one of the risks of shooting a reality show though.

1. His scientific method seems sound, but it’s still a great deal of guesswork until proven.

It’s not kind to cast any doubt on a show that you haven’t watched yet, but until it’s proven a legend is still several steps short of scientific fact.

It looks like might be an interesting show.

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