10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jesse Spencer

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jesse Spencer

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jesse Spencer

There are definitely more actors from Australia that have made the jump to the US then you might think and while some of them are a bit obvious when they speak, meaning their accent is telling, some of them are kind of hard to place. But Jesse Spencer, who is also of Australian origin, is one of those that you might not know as much about for various reasons depending on what shows and movies you tend to watch. He’s earned his place in show business without a doubt since he’s been around for a while but as a lot of us have seen at this point, earning your place is a lot different than earning a spot at the big table when it comes to being made into a legend. It could be argued that he might still have such a chance but at this point in his career it would seem that he’s kind of happier being where he’s at instead of climbing to the top of that particular mountain.

Here are a few things you might not have known about Jesse.

10. As an actor in a family of doctors he’s admittedly the black sheep.

Everyone in his immediate family made their way into the medical field and it might have been expected that he would do the same, but acting was a far stronger pull for him than the years it would take to learn what is essentially the family practice. It doesn’t seem as though this puts him at odds with his family though.

9. If not for acting he might have become a doctor.

He does admit that if he hadn’t been drawn to the acting life he probably would have stayed in school longer to pursue a medical degree since quite honestly he would have a lot of support and help to lean on if he’d ever done such a thing.

8. His mother put him into choir when he was young and he hated it.

Choir isn’t exactly for everyone and there are those that can sing but don’t necessarily want to stand around with a group of other people and try to harmonize with them. Choir is an interesting experience to be honest but it’s also something that you have to have the patience for.

7. He’s definitely a lover of music.

Jesse does have a great amount of skill with a few instruments such as the violin, the guitar, and the piano. He’s self-taught on the piano and is quite good in fact. It would seem that if he wasn’t an actor he would have another profession he might be able to move towards.

6. Jesse starred in an Australian soap opera to start his career.

There are a few celebrities from Australia that have made it big at one time or another and have spent some time in a soap opera or two. He was still pretty young when he got this gig and yet he did just fine as you can tell.

5. His net worth is around $8 million.

For being a soap and drama star this seems pretty good but it would argue that he’s seen action on the big screen as well in the past. If nothing else it would also state that he’s got a good deal of potential.

4. It’s safe to say that he’s not exactly big on social media.

His following isn’t exactly that big but it is noticeable, so it’s fair to say that he does get on social media now and again but probably doesn’t rely on it to get through his day. There are still plenty of actors that would rather ignore social media and just go about their business.

3. Jesse has been around since the early 90s.

He is a seasoned actor without any doubts and he’s likely seen a few things here and there during his time in the business, but whether or not he’s trying to climb the ladder or just stay where he’s at is something that only he would be able to tell anyone.

2. He’s dated quite a bit but isn’t married.

Jesse was married at one time but it didn’t last and after that he was even engaged again but that kind of fell apart. It would seem that he’s done a lot of dating in his life but marriage is something that just hasn’t worked out for him as of yet.

1. It’s seen that he’s a rather charitable person.

He does play in a band which makes sense considering that he’s quite talented and could possibly be a welcome member to many groups. But his band tends to give away a lot to charity which is pretty nice, not to mention inspiring.

It does kind of seem as though he enjoys being at the level he’s been at for a while, where he gets to be himself and not worry about much of anything out of the norm in his life.

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